Gov. Andrew Cuomo Stands w/NYC’s Charter Schools at Today’s Pro-Charter School Rally #Charterswork

Gov. Andrew Cuomo Stands w/NYC’s Charter Schools at Today’s Pro-Charter School Rally #Charterswork

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Earlier today, thousands of New York City charter school students, parents, teachers and charter school advocates braved twenty degree temperatures in a trip to Albany, New York in protest of Bill de Blasio’s shuttering of charter schools, revocation of funding and the elimination of a parents’ right to choose which school their child(ren) attends.

New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo who is up for re-election and who just weeks ago announced that there is no room for non-Democrats his state spoke at today’s rally.

Cuomo who delivered a fiery speech that at times was clearly a dig at Sandinista Bill on several levels pledged to support pro-charter schools, “I am committed to ensuring charter schools have the financial capacity, the physical space, and the government support to thrive and grow.”



Boulya!  If de Blasio who was speaking a rally down the street in an armory less than half full at the same time that Cuomo was making his speech had not yet received the memo, he received it today.

Just a few days ago, de Blasio revoked funding and the co-location agreement signed between Michael Bloomberg and charter schools.

Of course, some will say that it is about co-location, co-location, co-location; and, of course, the same individuals including Commie de Blasio will deny that Sandinista Bill is paying back the teachers’ union for their vote last November.

While Communist ideologues may be entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own set of facts.



Source:  Fired Up Gov. Cuomo Vows To ‘Save Charter Schools’ At Massive Capitol Rally




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  • poptoy1949

    Not that I care a whole lot because i do not and will never live in New York City or the State of new York but both places would be a Hell of a lot better off without either of them.

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