More Red State Tyranny: Idaho Governor Signs First-Amendment-Cancellation Bill Into Law

More Red State Tyranny: Idaho Governor Signs First-Amendment-Cancellation Bill Into Law

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freedom of speech “…I hate the animal-rights movement. I don’t believe that commercial animal-using industries should be regulated on humanitarian grounds. (I’m more open to them on recreational businesses; I think criminalizing dog-fighting makes sense.) I fully support any farm or food factory bringing charges against trespassers or saboteurs to the full extent of the law. But the government has no business outlawing video footage of business operations. From ABC News : ‘ Turn […]



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  • Bob– let’s see if this works, I had some trouble with Disqus

    I agree, no one has the right to trespass — and a person is under no obligation to allow someone on their property, without a warrant to obtain potentially incriminating information– As for drones, treat ’em like varmints and shoot ’em on sight

  • bobmontgomery

    If it is “More” Red State Tyranny, then there must be other. IOW, the premise must be that we must be on guard for “Red State Tyranny”. I think not.

    From the original article:If they claim no cruelty or abuse, then obviously, under the First Amendment, journalists have a right to verify this claim and show the public what they have foundRead more at

    There is no First Amendment rights for journalists, or activists, or activists posing as journalists or anyone else to go on private property and record things. If they are invited, and if their cameras are allowed, that’s one thing.
    Farms or other food industries are regulated and inspected by both the federal and state governments. Hopefully, those agencies do not doctor or alter photographic evidence, or hyperbolize, or edit in order to make farms look bad. Activists and journalists routinely do so.

    That such legislation is being pursued or already enacted in several states indicates the realization that the agenda-ites have been engaged in the harassment and slander of law-abiding businesses in a coordinated effort to put them out of business or make them operate in constant fear of being unjustly slandered with no recourse. That is the definition of tyranny.

    I would suspect that the writer’s initial statement that he hates animal rights activists is a lie and cover for the rest of his article.

    The “free press” has been in bed with activists of every stripe – environmental, animal, sexual, you name it – for decades now. Their claim to be watchdogs for the public interest was long ago surrender and they have become only the advocates of “special” interests. They don’t even care if the government spies on *them* anymore. What should that tell you?

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