Ukraine vs Obama, EU and Soros….

Ukraine vs Obama, EU and Soros….

Barack Obama George Soros EU Collage


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Americans depressed about the state of their country should take heart from the recent uprising in Venezuela, where the people are finally done with their communist over-lords.
Americans should not, however, cheer all the violence and upheaval going on the Ukraine, which is being orchestrated by the EU Marxists, George Soros, Obama and his cronies.
The EU are running out of money and need new markets to exploit to feed the hungry bureaucratic EU:

‘The EU has become such an economic drain on the rest of the world, especially the US Federal Reserve, that its current and future indebtedness and unfunded liabilities are simply untenable. Hence, the Ukraine is looked to as a temporary savior because of its many large and robust markets, well established industrial base and transportation links to Asia, as well as it vast natural resources and raw materials.’

For Soros it’s all about money and power. For America it means that if they can bring the Ukraine into the EU then they’ll have a doorway straight into Russia. And Russia – and Putin – aren’t going to allow that, so you can expect a war to break out if the EU Marxists, Obama and money-manipulator/Obama-backer George Soros gets their way and orchestrates the demise of the Ukraine….

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While Communists would yell racism and holler about the Koch Brothers, how convenient that nary a word about that anti-American, Nazi collaborator, George Soros, his role and that of his sock puppet Barack Obama in the chaos in the Ukraine.   H/t 1389 Blog – Counterjihad!






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  • bobmontgomery

    If one could stand back from the immediate crisis for a moment and note the author’s comment on the EU being a drain on the US Federal Reserve, and then stop to think for a moment on how all of the other international institutions, chief among them the UN, have been a drain on US resources over the decades, it is a marvel the US didn’t go bankrupt years ago.
    What a testament to the power of capitalism, free enterprise and just plain freedom that America was able to stand like Atlas for so long supporting so much of the world. Who could blame the neo-isolationists among us wanting America to just shrug at this moment in history? But we cannot. Not only is it in our own interest to be a partner to masses around the globe yearning to breathe free, it’s a natural progression of the total American story. And while it is folly for US resources to dedicate efforts to mold other countries in our image, it is our nature, our character to help them realize the blessings of freedom and exceptionalism inherent in their own characters.
    Not through the EU, not through the UN, a totally corrupt organization of bottom-feeders gutting at the innards of civilization, but with partnerships and missions of understanding and assistance, which admittedly American political governance has forgotten how to do, or why.
    But there are still those “players” in America who realize the benefits. We only hope there are those overseas, especially in Europe who recognize them and reach out to them and give feedback to the American people through social media and forums like this. Help us to help you, as we once saw it our duty to do.

    • Bob, I’m not opposed to a little isolationism..

      Nation building only worked in Japan and Germany, after we had completely destroyed them

      A couple of the worlds richest countries have almost zero military costs because we protect them..

      A few tariffs might encourage some companies that have relocated to start manufacturing here again..

      Don’t even want to get into the UN

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