Chief Rabbi of Ukraine urging Jews to flee

Chief Rabbi of Ukraine urging Jews to flee

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( & Times of Israel)  Ukraine’s Chief Rabbi urged Jews to leave capital city Kiev following a anti-Semitic attack on two yeshiva students in the city. “I wont be leaving, I am a Shliach” he says.


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“I told my community to get out of the city and if possible out of the state…there are many warnings about planned attacks against Jewish institutions,” Asman said, adding, “We have been told by the Israeli Embassy to not go outside.”


Many members of Kiev’s Jewish community live within walking distance of the main square in the city that has recently become the focus of anti-government riots.  In recent days, chaos has gripped the area following the escalation of violence between government security forces and members of the opposition, with institutions around the city closing and subways no longer operating.

While Chief Rabbi Asman has been forced to close down the city’s Jewish schools, he continues to conduct three prayer services daily in his synagogue.  “The situation here is dire,” said Yossi Asman, a Chabad yeshiva student and son of the chief rabbi. “We have been gathering up families and shuttling them out to safer neighborhoods.”

Yesterday a synagogue in eastern Ukraine sustained damage from firebombs hurled at it.  The firebombs hit the Giymat Rosa Synagogue in Zaporizhia, located 250 miles southeast of Kiev.

Edward Dolinsky, head of the umbrella organization responsible for Ukraine’s Jews, said the city’s dwindling food supply has provoked a state of panic among Kiev’s inhabitants.  “We have appealed to [Israeli] Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to please help us protect our community,” Dolinsky added.

Ukraine has a Jewish population of 360,000 – 400,000 people, with roughly a quarter of all the country’s Jews residing in Kiev, according to the European Jewish Congress.

(He appealed to the Israeli Foreign Minister to do… what?  I’m sure they could send some extra El Al planes to fly the Jewish community out, if they are ready to abandon their property and flee to Israel.  Beyond that?)


Bee’s Note:

With the eyes of the world watching the uprisings in the Ukraine, this makes me wonder if the Pentagon’s and President Obama’s determination to cut our military budget back to WWII isn’t just a bit ironic.  Some of the scenes in Kiev could be reminders of the night of Kristallnacht – “the night of broken glass”, November 9-10, 1938.




“What happened in Germany was a consequence of racism, hate, and prejudice. Every new generation must be aware that the cancer of hate and prejudice is also with us today. There is no way anyone can walk away from messages that contain racism, prejudice, and name-calling. You must always stand up against racism and prejudice, even if you are not being directly persecuted.”
-Survivor of the Holocaust, Werner Coppel, now living in Cincinnati, OH

In another report, the headline reads:  ’Death to Jews’ Scrawled on Synagogue in Crimea”– Ukraine Chaos Spawns Anti-Semitism in Pro-Russia Region.

The plight of the Ukrainian Jews (unlike 1938) is not falling on deaf ears, as the Israeli newspapers are pleading for the Jews living in the Ukraine to “COME HOME”.  And, unlike WWII, the Jews have a home to go to – the Land of Israel.

According to PressTV, the Ukraine underwent Western-backed coup: Analyst

  • As the crisis was brewing in Ukraine, US and European officials repeatedly expressed support for the anti-government Ukrainian protesters. The protests took violent forms as an increasing number of the protesters resorted to violence in confronting Ukrainian security forces.
  • “This is a coup. This is a Western-sponsored coup, particularly [by] the British, NATO and the United States. No question about it,” said Edward Spannaus, with the Executive Intelligence Review, inan interview with Press TV.
  • “And this was not a peaceful revolution; this was a violent terrorist action; armed guerrillas taking over government buildings; this would never be tolerated in the United States or in Britain or in Germany; but, these countries are backing what has become a neo-Nazi coup and which is taking us to the verge of a nuclear confrontation with Russia,” Spannaus added.
  • “I am not saying that everybody in the demonstrations is neo-Nazi but the neo-Nazis are the ones who are armed, who have been leading the violence against the government authorities, against policemen and the takeover of the regional parliaments,” the analyst explained.  … read more here

How has Europe responded?  How has the United States, under President Obama responded?  Let’s go to President Obama’s statement:



Published on Feb 28, 2014

  • The President delivered a statement about the events unfolding in Ukraine, and reaffirmed that the United States will continueto coordinate closely with our European allies and communicate directly with the Russian government. February 28, 2014.

In case you don’t quite understand what Obama stands for after his statement, Charles Krauthammer summed it up for us:

  • Charles Krauthammer told viewers Friday on “Special Report with Bret Baier” that President Obama’s statementon the latest Ukraine developments showed “weakness,” and implied that “we’re not really going to do anything” about the political upheaval in Ukraine.
  • Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist and a Fox News contributor, said Russia will interpret Obama’s remarks as complacency.
  • “He said, any violation of Ukrainian territory is destabilizing, and that’s not in Russia’s interest. He is instructing Putin on what’s in Russia’s interest?” Krauthammer said.  “I can assure you, Putin has calculated his calculated his own interests, and he’s calculated that detaching Crimea from Ukraine and making it, essentially, a colony of Russia, is in Russia’s interest – because he knows he has nothing to fear from the west, because it’s not led by anybody. It used to be led by the United States.”

Over at The Mad Jewess blog,  please take a moment to read her latest article on the Ukraine: Well, I Hope USA/EU Are Both Happy. Ukrainian Situation Has Possibly Ignited WW3, Like I Have Always Said.  

America, Putin is NOT our friend.  I often wonder what Obama a/k/a Mr. Flexibility meant when he said to Medvedev “This is my last election.  After my election I have more flexibility”.  How quickly the worm turns!


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Before the latest news broke about the on-going riots throughout the Ukarine, the media was covering the cuts to the USA’s military.  We have a president who thinks we no longer need tanks because we have submarines.  We have heard that the United States can’t be expected to “police” the world and nations should no longer rely on the US.  While “policing” the world is unpopular among many Americas after our troops have fought the longest war in our history between Iraq and Afghanistan, I don’t think the message that we can no longer be depended upon is comforting to our allies throughout the world.  Nor, is it comforting for Americans to hear their “president” speak in terms of weakness and complacency.  Former President Reagan understood that a STRONG MILITARY promotes PEACE.

We know only too well that war comes not when the forces of freedom are strong, but when they are weak. It is then that tyrants are tempted.  – Ronald Reagan


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