EPA Violates the Law, Ignores Congress, Seizes Private Land in Wyoming

EPA Violates the Law, Ignores Congress, Seizes Private Land in Wyoming

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Sara Noble

Independent Sentinel

Riverton, Wyoming is now part of the Wind River Indian Reservation according to a government agency in what is an extraordinary breach of authority.

The residents are no longer living in the United States and will likely have their land taken from them by the Indians since the Indians now control the deeds. The residents of Riverton will lose many of their rights as citizens if they stay on the newly-formed extension of the reservation. They can leave their land behind or fight.

What happened to states rights?

Legislation passed in 1905 already decided these borders and, in what is an outrageous land grab, the EPA has decided it is above the law.

Holder is the top law officer in the land and continually violates the law. He ignores Congress and doesn’t think the courts are necessary either obviously.



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