What 2014 Will Look Like Under Obama – Warning, It’s Not Pretty

What 2014 Will Look Like Under Obama – Warning, It’s Not Pretty

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john Podesta

There is a new Marx in town and he looks like John Podesta

Sara Noble

Independent Sentinel

Obama’s goals for 2014 will push FORWARD a fast-moving Progressive agenda facilitated by the master of constitutional avoidance techniques, John Podesta. Podesta will help Obama legislate from the White House and worry about the constitutional challenges later, after it’s too late and the unconstitutional initiatives have had years to ferment.

Obama and his minions are actually bragging about having 1.1 million sign up for Obamacare. The numbers who have signed up via the 14 state exchanges is unknown though the most successful states are NY and California. NY claims 200,000 signed up and California claims nearly 430,000.

The administration is bragging about it but refuses to release the figures for Medicaid sign ups because most sign-ups will likely be for Medicaid. Some are pe



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