Via Russia Today, updates on Volgograd, Suicide bomber

Via Russia Today, updates on Volgograd, Suicide bomber

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At least 16 people were killed in a blast at a railway station in the city of Volgograd, southern Russia. A suicide bomber is suspected to have carried out the attack, says the National Anti-terrorism Committee.

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“According to verified information, the explosion at the railway station in Volgograd has claimed 16 lives,”Russia’s Investigative Committee said.

Another 37 were injured, 8 of them more critically, including a girl of 9. The child has been taken to a local hospital.

At the same time, the Health Ministry confirms that 45 people have been taken to hospital.

The incident is being treated as an act of terrorism, the committee spokesman Vladimir Markin said.

The blast took place at 12.45 local time inside the building of the railway. It is “thought to have been carried out by a female suicide bomber,” according to the anti-terrorism committee’s statement.

At 12.45 we got informed that a boom or a blast was heard in the building of the railway station, Volgograd-1. Smok

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Russia Today live updates as of 1520 Eastern, USA

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 Volgograd railway station blast: LIVE UPDATESLIVE UPDATES

A blast ripped through a railway station in Volgograd in Russia’s south, killing at least 16 people. It was reportedly caused by a suicide bomber, who set off the bomb just before it could be discovered at a checkpoint.

19:16 GMT: UN Security Council has condemned the Volgograd bombing “in the strongest terms” and registered its condolences for the victims and their families, the body’s official statement reads.

18:52 GMT: The terror attack is “one in a long list,” Dr. Yoran Kahati from the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism told RT. “If it is true that it was carried out by this woman…of radical Islam, of Chechen origin, then this sort of attack happened before in the same area about two months ago. Even in Moscow itself…again by suicide…in one of the major airports.”

He attributed the attacks to the desire to raise awareness of issues surrounding Russia’s Caucuses on a global level, and also suggested that Sochi’s occurrence in six weeks held some sway. He said it was “to try to frighten to some extent, although it’s not clear if it’s going to be successful, participants of states taking part in Sochi; maybe because one can say ‘Well, it is not safe enough.’”

Kahati acknowledged that security levels are extremely high and underscored how such attacks occur in other parts of the world, mentioning the Chechen instigators of the Boston Marathon bombings in April. “To prevent such attacks we need very good intelligence, and of course cooperation.

17:45 GMT: According to the recent evidence, the suicide attack could have been carried out by both a woman and a man, Interfax reported.

17:37 GMT: Investigators have found new evidence that the suicide bomber could have been a man whose name has not been identified yet. Interfax news agency reported that a male finger with a pin from a grenade was found at the scene.

16:25 GMT: Volgograd regional government has confirmed that the death toll from the suicide attack has reached 16 people, following the deaths of two additional victims at local hospitals.

16:20 GMT: Volgograd railway station imm


 Volgograd railway station blast: LIVE UPDATESLIVE UPDATES


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