Using Taxpayer Dollars to Mislead Parents on Common Core

Using Taxpayer Dollars to Mislead Parents on Common Core

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Bob Sikes

Scathing Purple Musings

After reminding readers that Connecticut governor Daniel P. Malloy is on record as saying “I’ll settle for teaching to the test if it means raising test scores,” Wendy Lecker effectively slams the governor’s faith in tests and his plans to sell Common Core to parents.

When it comes to their children, parents do not want to settle. They know that teaching to the test means a narrowed curriculum and mind-numbing test prep. Unlike the governor, parents and teachers understand that children need and deserve a well-rounded and engaging education.

A recent study out of MIT renders Malloy’s statement even more odious. Researchers found that an increase in standardized test scores does not increase a child’s cognitive skills: specifically her ability to analyze abstract problems and think logically. This study confirms earlier research showing that standardized tests essentially measure merely how good a test-taker a student is.

Governor Malloy’s statement and resulting policies undermine the goal of developing citizens capable of flourishing our complex world.




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