Between Common Core & UN 21: your kids are nothing but stated owned human capital

Between Common Core & UN 21: your kids are nothing but stated owned human capital

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I know a bunch of folks still believe UN Agenda 21 is pure conspricacy theory.. You can’t blame them, the entire concept sounds like the dream of the mad scientist in a cheap Sci Fi movie.  Or someone who believes in Global Warming


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The reality is George Herbert Walker Bush signed the treaty on behalf of the United States  with this statement:

The President. Well, let me first express my thanks and congratulations to President Collor and the Brazilian people and to all responsible for this Conference for their hospitality, for their tremendous success in hosting the Earth summit. It’s obvious to all who came to Rio that the Brazilians made a special effort to accommodate so many heads of states and delegates and journalists and visitors. They managed it flawlessly, and they managed it with grace and good humor. We’ve had a very successful visit. 

We’ve signed a climate convention. We’ve asked others to join us in presenting action plans for the implementation of the climate convention. We’ve won agreement on forest principles. We found a warm reception among the G – 7 and many developing countries to our Forests for the Future initiative. Many U.S. proposals on oceans and public participation on the importance of economic instruments and free markets were included in this mammoth Agenda 21 document and the Rio Declaration.

Let me be clear on one fundamental point. The United States fully intends to be the world’s preeminent leader in protecting the global environment. We have been that for many years. We will remain so. We believe that environment and development, the two subjects of this Conference, can and should go hand in hand. A growing economy creates the resources necessary for environmental protection, and environmental protection makes growth sustainable over the long term. I think that recognition of that fact by leaders from around the world is the central accomplishment of this important Rio Conference

Nice flowery language, to cover up the first step in surrendering the sovereignty of the United States to a one world ggovernment.. The treaty has never been submitted to Senate for ratification, because well, once Americans found out what was in it, they’d real furious real fast..  Even idiots like John McCain and Harry Reid realize their status as leaders of the political class wouldn’t do much to protect them from 90,000,000 already armed pissed off Americans.

To avoid this, Both Bushes, Clinton and Obama,Using Global Warming, and protecting the environment as a excuse the government has already managed to impose large parts of Agenda 21 on America by the misuse and abuse of regulatory power and executive orders.  Circumventing the Constitution, Congress, the rights of the American People and our laws the process.  In my opinion Barack Obama has been the most lawless of the bunch, but all four are guilty..

Using Global Warming, and protecting the environment as a excuse the government has already managed to impose large parts of Agenda 21 on America,  Similar to the way anyone who pointed out issues with Obamacare was demonized

Like the democrats did with Obamacare, anyone who points out demonizing people who actually look at Agenda 21 and report what the treaty actually does.. Recently I’ve even seen proposals to imprison climate change deniers..

But there’s another aspect… Dictators have long realized the need to use their countries education system to indoctrinate the young…  As horrible as that sounds, it goes much deeper.  Several months ago months ago Gretchen from the Missouri Education Watchdog showed showed me some documents from the George Bush administration that looked an awful lot like Common Core..  In fact the was a Common Core for the Middle East, and one for Africa..

Among the things the documents talked about was a system of education that would allow for the movement of Human Capital from location to location to meet the needs of Corporate and Government Interests

At the time we didn’t  realize Clint Richardson had already done some serious research on Global Common Core, Agenda 21 and how the two were tied together….. a week or two ago Clint did a conference in Utah.. it took him a while to get the video posted, he got it up a few days before Christmas.. Who Won let me know he’d posted it Christmas Eve, not the best day to publish it here..

It’s a long video, Clint covers a lot of territory, but to understand what’s being done to our children and grandchildren you have to watch the entire thing..



Common CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World

Ok… Stupider is not really supposed to be a word. But with CORE, who needs proper grammar? Slang is the new English!!!

I often tell people who want to research a company or government entity that they should seek out the audited “Annual Financial Report” for that corporation, association, etc. The fact is that all aggregate corporations, both public and private, are statutorily required to create, independently audit, and file with the U.S. Federal Government a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) (AFR), and that includes all governments from cities and counties (municipal corporations) to districts to states.

Though I had heard about the many issues with what is called “Common CORE” from many concerned but ill-informed parents and activists, I had never actually spent the time to research exactly what this thing is and how large it has become. As a friend in Texas was speaking of how her son’s homework in the CORE system of Texas involved a lesson about George Orwell’s 1984 as a learning exercise, I realized it was time to have a look.

Thanks to the efforts of a concerned mother who brought this travesty to the awareness of the people, here’s what that homework assignment looked like:

Read all of:  CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World


This scheme to destroy the United States, and turn our children into “Human Capital” could not possibly exist without the knowledge and support of the political leadership of both political parties…

Unquestionably potential presidential candidates Jeb Bush, and Hillary Clinton are already in this up to their asses


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  1. The picture of the presidents tells a story. HW was head of CIA. Iran/Contra was the back drop that brought us Clinton. Some, with substantial evidence, not the least of which are 32 dead (by murder/suicide or other questionable methods) acquaintances of the Clintons hold the opinion Clinton was handed the presidency by HW not engaging in a serious re-election effort due to black mail by Clinton which would reveal certain activities occurring in Arkansas in connection with CIA. Then Bush Jrs. turn which ushered in the choom gang kid. I won’t even comment on Carter. Point is if one looks at that group of presidents, the fact that HW passed the first legislation that guided all things political toward a New World Order and the first very large all encompassing legislation no one bothered to read (Gatt), and then the ensuing trashing of the office occurring under his successors it is not surprising in the least that an all out assault on the educational system by those who would erase American exceptionalism is actively in the works.

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