Obama’s Lackeys Deny Immigration Policy Is His Policy

Obama’s Lackeys Deny Immigration Policy Is His Policy

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illegal immigration is a crime

I have noted this in some of my earlier posts, but the audacity of it all bears mentioning again. Referencing something I heard Rush Limbaugh say, President Obama continues to advance his liberal agenda, while denying he has anything to do with the policies in question. Rush Limbaugh has repeatedly pointed out how President Obama sets things in motion that will advance his agenda and then claims it is Washington’s fault that things are working out.

The first case in point that comes to mind is the way the White House has handled the train wreck known as ObamaCare. Go back and look at how many times Jay Carney has referred reporters to Health and Human Services, instead of allowing the President to take responsibility for the policies he has enacted. Does anyone really think HHS and its fearless leader has done anything Obama hasn’t approved of? Not this fellow, to be sure. […]


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