Obama’s Common Core, Global Core and the road to slavery

Obama’s Common Core, Global Core and the road to slavery

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Breitbart’s article “Common Core Obama’s Means to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America’s Education System” by Dr Susan Berry gets into the international aspect of Common Core.. That aspect may be the most terrifying part of the entire idea.




The Anti Common Core activists who do know about it, haven’t said much for the most part because the concept is so alien to America’s, they’re afraid it would be seen as some sort of Conspiracy Theory..  Most American parents are just coming to the realization that the American version of Common Core itself isn’t a Conspiracy Theory.  I felt the same way three years ago when Sanda in Brevard first told me about it..  Had it been anyone else I probably would have blown them off, but I knew Sandra never expressed an opinion she couldn’t back up with facts..  Even so it took her about two months to have me totally convinced

Before I go any farther, take a look at what Susan Berry has to say..

Common Core Obama’s Means to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America’s Education System



Writing at Crisis Magazine, journalist Mary Jo Anderson asserts that Common Core is nothing less than the latest attempt by the U.N. to impose on the United States a globalist perspective with the utopian goals of worldwide peace, environmental sustainability, and economic fairness. In that context, Common Core is part of the Obama administration’s “transformational” education plan that places emphasis on global relationships rather than a unique American culture.

It is commonly known that Common Core is being financed with more than $150 million from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. In addition, the Gates Foundation has collaborated with the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

In 2004, Gates’ Microsoft Corporation signed a Cooperation Agreement with UNESCO to develop a “master curriculum” which would include benchmarks and a testing program. According to the agreement, “UNESCO will explore how to facilitate content development.”

In the Agreement, UNESCO maps out its intention to establish “Knowledge Communities,” which it defines as “web-based communities of practice in UNESCO’s fields.” The goal is to create, through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) throughout the globe, communities without borders, in a sense, so that all students around the world are learning similar content and sharing knowledge. As many Americans are aware, Common Core relies heavily upon increased broadband width. In at least some states and local school districts, total reconstruction of Internet capabilities has been necessary.



Back in late September or October, I was surprised to find something called Global Core working its way into the education systems in the Middle East.. and even more startled to learn that like Common Core, here in the United States, children were referred to as Human Capitol..

Thanks to Clint Richardson’s article  CORE: Making Children Stupider Around The World a couple weeks ago I found out about a Company called The Core, operating out of India..  From Wikipedia’s entry on The Core

The company is headed by Sanjeev Mansotra, Chairman and Global CEO (CORE Group)[3] and has its corporate headquarters at MumbaiIndia. The company was founded in 2003 and has its business operations in 3 continents. Their international headquarters are located at Atlanta and London. CORE has diversified into an integrated education company and provides solutions to 7 states in India, 3 Caribbean nations, 20 states in the US,[4] 40 Institutions in UK and 8 African countries

The Company is considered an excellent investment, since if all goes as planned it will be premier “Global Educational Solution” Companies on the planet..  Sort of a Global Monopoly with profits perpetually guaranteed by all of the worlds taxpayers.  Wonder how much stock Jeb Bush owns?

This morning while I was verifying some facts before I opened my mouth and stuck my foot in it I found Mary Jo Anderson’s article..  Unfortunately as of this moment Crises Magazine’s website seems to have a crises of it’s own..  The article has either attracted more attention than the server can handle, they have a server malfunction, or the site’s under a denial of Service attack..

So I found a copy of the article on Liberty News.. and this excerpt caught my eye

A nation is permitted to keep its surface culture, such as language, music, and cuisine. But patriotism, religion, and individualism are anathema, as each competes with the globalist vision of world harmony. Moral codes that cannot be adapted to a multicultural vision, agreed upon in a world congress, must be jettisoned.

But back on the ground, it’s difficult to convince a people to abandon their country and culture, not to mention national resources; resistance would be too great. The quickest effective approach is to invest in education to ensure that the coming generation will embrace the principles of globalism as a natural consequence of their formation.

Previous Crisis articles have detailed the lack of academic rigor of CCSS for both math and English Language Arts. Teachers have reported disturbing “aligned texts” that contain crude, sexually explicit reading selections for young teens. Parents have questioned multiple examples of anti-American sentiment (the Boston Tea Party as a terrorist attack, for example). Despite this outcry, Common Core defenders insist that the standards are necessary, even though it only prepares students for admission to junior college.

If the standards are substandard, why are hundreds of millions of Gates and other foundation monies, as well as over a billion dollars in government carrots, being pumped into this ‘transformation” of education? The goal is not academic excellence, but to reconstruct the nations of the world into a new, interdependent model. Their educational model is aimed at an economically stable world with “workforce ready” workers who share the same globalist vision

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Throughout history, from long before Alexander, to more recently Hitler powerful men have seen it as their divine right to rule the world.. They all believed they could make the world a better place- for their cohorts..  Invariably, those who weren’t their cohorts, those lessor folks who didn’t have armies to protect them were oppressed.. killed or turned into slaves to be used in places far from home.

Workforce ready human capital, people those in power can move anywhere they want, anytime they want..  Those are our children they’re talking about..

If this was such a good plan for ordinary humans, the schemers orchestrating it wouldn’t be sneaking it in, hoping we don’t realize what’s going on until it’s late.. The data collection in our schools with it’s political views surveys, and Obamacare with questions about things unrelated to healthcare is designed to

1.  Cull out those with opposing viewpoints

2. Ensure no one escapes

 When Joe Biden joked about “those people are going to put you folks back in chains”  he wasn’t joking, he was blaming conservatives for something the Obama Administration is already undertaking.

And it’s not just the Black folks who are going to end up in chains….


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