Love Is All Around Us….The Mad Jewess; Thinking of Marezilla…..

Love Is All Around Us….The Mad Jewess; Thinking of Marezilla…..

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There is so much turmoil all around us:  We blog about it, we’re sad, crushed and devastated by Communist “Liberals” fraud ‘conservatives,’ & the current evil..  I know that GOD knows we get depressed.. But, my friend for years on the blogosphere: Political Vel Craft came by and reminded us all of ‘who’s in charge’, Elohim, GOD, Jehovah, HaShem, The GREAT I AM.  The King of ALL Kings.  He leaves evidence of his love in nature to calm our spiritual storms.  For those of us who are not well enough to get out, you can see Gods love on the net as well and here in my post. I pray you would allow his love to saturate your souls this morning.. Keep up the fight, learn the truth and be free in spirit and mind.


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    For those who don’t know, Marezilla, a well know and loved conservative blogger has some serious medical issues..

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