November 16th: Common Core Presentation In Utah By Clint Richardson

November 16th: Common Core Presentation In Utah By Clint Richardson

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For those in the Utah and Salt Lake County area, I’ll be presenting a detailed Power Point presentation on the subject of Common Core, how it is being implemented, and how far it reaches nationally and internationally.




This Saturday, November 16th, 2013 at 2pm (free admittance):

Spanish Fork Fair Grounds:

In the “High Chaparral Room”- in the back on the east side just south of the Ponderosa Room, close to the arena.

Topics will include  Common Core, Agenda 21, Public-Private-Partnerships (PPP), United Nations, Private Non-governmental Associations (NGO), Infrastructure Privatization, Common Core in the military, CIA, and FBI, and how the non-profit public education system is systematically being transformed through international law and treaty into a for-profit private industry traded on the stock market!

Please let others in the area know, call your local talk radio stations to announce on air, and especially let your local councilmen, school teachers and district council folks, and of course parents know about this event. We will go until all questions are answered.


–Clint Richardson (




Grumpy Note-

Clint Richardson has done some extensive research on Common Core.  Thanks to the young ladies over at Missouri Education Watchdog, I’ve learned a little about Common Core over the last couple years, mostly about the domestic aspect of the scheme.

Richardson started his investigation into Common Core by asking a set of questions most of us hadn’t thought of before..

What he’s dug up is beyond scary.  If you are anywhere in the area, and can possibly attend, you’ll never look at public education the same way again.




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