Muslims Murder Christian, And Burn Cross On His Face

Muslims Murder Christian, And Burn Cross On His Face

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By Theodore Shoebat

Ninar Odisho, an Assyrian Christian in Syria, was walking with two Muslims when a number of Islamists stopped them. They let his friends go as soon as they found out that they were Muslims, but they kept the Christian for their own demonic pleasures. They killed him mercilessly, and burned a cross onto his face.

Why the Holy Cross? Because the Muslims, being controlled by diabolical forces, despise that sublime symbol of Christ defeating their master the devil. They are the “enemies of the cross of Christ” who St. Paul wrote of (Philippians 3:18). The demons holler and scream in excruciating agony at the very sight of the Cross, for they are reminded of their utter defeat on the day of the Crucifixion. And so do slaves of the demons strive to obliterate that image off the face of the earth.

This hatred for the Holy Cross is illustrated in this video, in which Muslims destroy several crosses in the Christian city of Kosovo:

In Macedonia it has been decided that a 33-metre-tall Christian cross in the capital city of Skopje will be built, and it is of no marvel that the Muslims there are already filled with rage because of this. One of these haters of Christ, Adem Ahmet, said that “There is no need for such monuments,”



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