Yesterday we told you Sara Noble from the Independent Sentinel had headed down to Washington to take a first hand look at the the situation in Washington.. and would be sending reports back to Grumpy Opinions


The Mall Area is 160 Acres,


When she first got there she reported the entire Federal District looked like a ghost town, except for several hundred volunteers who where trying to cleaning  up trash from Capitol and Monument area.. Later in the day she sent the video up above.  The video shows what sure looks like excessive security at the Lincoln Memorial, which before the shut down required no security..  Also in the video, an encounter she had with some older Veterans, some in wheelchairs, one not to old or to shy to ask a young lady for a hug..

I just heard from Sara, a Veterans protest is expected later this morning and she’s on her way to cover it– and anything else that happens..

We’ll add whatever she reports, as she reports it right here.. …

To be continued..  soon


No sure why, the Bronze information plaque was removed by the government – Maybe they’re afraid some Senator would steal it over the Weekend

photo (11)

UPDATE 6  Vets give Obama back his  Barry-cades Pile em in front of White House

 photo (10)

Come and take it?  (if you can) Live feed says Patriots have freed Lincoln twice this morning


photo (8)

What’s this??

They r gating us in


UPDATE 3 Lincoln Memorial Liberated

We did it !!!!


photo (4)


Just got a couple pictures in from Sara, looks like things are heating up

Police blocking us, from trying to take down all barriers

photo (3)


Cops blocked trucks


Update 1





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    Really love your entire coverage, wall to wall. Thanks

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