When ‘Balanced’ Journalism Is Bad

When ‘Balanced’ Journalism Is Bad

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Robert Stacy McCain


As what point does journalistic objectivity shade into the “who are we to judge” posture of moral relativism? Do journalists have an obligation to call evil by its right name? These questions crossed my mind as I watched an ABC  Good Morning America segment about Kaitlyn Hunt, who copped a plea Thursday on felony charges involving her sexual affair with a 14-year-old girl.

The brief segment — a teaser of a longer 20/20 story that will air tonight — was balanced. It wasn’t a one-sided puff piece, the kind of gay victimhood celebration the mainstream media were doing back in May when this story first went national.

Our jug-eared hero Detective Jeremy Shepherd was interviewed, as was Jim Smith, the father of the underage victim in the case. But I was uneasy as the segment closed with George Stephanopoulos on the Good Morning America set with ABC’s legal expert, Dan Abrams, who said sex with a 14-year-old is a crime “as a technical legal matter.”

One quick takeaway: Kaitlyn’s mother Kelley Hunt Smith has “crazy eyes.” If you see the 20/20 segment tonight, watch her closely during the interview segments and you’ll see what I’m talking about.



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