Rabid Progressive, George Miller, Accuses GOP of Waging Jihad…Really?

Rabid Progressive, George Miller, Accuses GOP of Waging Jihad…Really?

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Rabid Progressive, George Miller, Accuses GOP of Waging Jihad


Ignoring the fact that earlier this week, Rep. Mike Simpson (R-Idaho) authored a bill to restore funding to parks and museums during the government shutdown and that said proposed legislation was opposed by Democrats, Progressive, George C. Miller (D-CA) in a rabid performance on the House floor yesterday accused the GOP of waging jihad against Obamacare.

Simpson who yesterday announced his support for a clean continuing resolution chastised Miller for his vulgar remarks.



GOP? Jihad? Really? Itis no secret that the Muslim Brotherhood is in the White House. It is no secret that Barack Obama backs the Muslim Brotherhood, the poster children for jihad, genocide against Christians and the caliphate.






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