More Video Evidence Syrian Rebels used Chemical weapons

More Video Evidence Syrian Rebels used Chemical weapons

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On one side, evidence has been consistently mounting that suggests it was the Syrian rebels who launched the now infamous Chemical weapons attack on August 21st. On the other side (Obama, Kerry, and McCain) has been a consistent insistence that Bashar al-Assad’s regime was responsible without producing any real evidence to make the case. In McCain’s case, his basis for concluding that Assad was responsible has been that the rebels never had any such weapons.

In the second of two videos below, you will see B-roll of a bag of chemicals that are from a Saudi Arabian factory with the name of Sachlo. These appear to be the same chemicals shown in another video we posted back in August. That video has since been pulled down but the second image below is a screen shot of that bag from the video. The first image below is a screen shot of what you get when you visit the Sachlo website. It may indeed be down for maintenance but in light of these developments, we thought it noteworthy to show you what appears when you click on the site as of this posting. Be sure to check the site regularly to see if there are any changes.

Sachlo Website

Saudi Chemicals in hands of Syrian Rebels

Even the U.N., which no doubt prefers to side with the Obama administration when it comes to Sryia, wouldn’t even go so far as to state unequivocally that the Assad regime was responsible. It only concluded that sarin gas was used and that the alleged trajectories of rockets seemed to indicate that they came from the direction of the regime, which is hardly a ringing endorsement of the Obama administration.





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