10,000 Pages Needed to Answer Common Core Questions

10,000 Pages Needed to Answer Common Core Questions

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North Carolina Lt. Governor Dan Forest continues to stand up for educational freedom in his state by questioning the stakes connected to the implementation of the Common Core national education standards.

In June, Forest released a video explaining his opposition to North Carolina’s rush to adopt the Common Core and lending his support to the State Board of Education’s decision to review the standards.

Aiding the review process, he has now sent a letter to the superintendent of the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (DPI) listing 67 unanswered questions about the Common Core in North Carolina. He asked for the answers to be delivered before the State Board of Education meeting later this month.

In response to the letter, the DPI requested that Forest provide 10,000 pieces of blank paper. Happy to oblige, Forest sent them the requested reams, stressing that he expects all questions to be answered by his deadline. He plans to lead a discussion of the department’s answers at the next Board of Education meeting.[…]



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  1. Thanks for this information.

    We still don’t have answers from our state agency on questions. We’ve inserted a clock on the site and you can see how many days we’ve been waiting.

    I’m also waiting for the answers to the questions of the NSPRA and Mr. Jim Dunn that CCSS have “20 years of research”. We’ll be following up. We’ll see how much paper that answer will take!


    Why are these bureaucrats allowed to be held unaccountable? Heck, even private organizations such as NSPRA and Mr. Dunn don’t bother to answer questions and provide research.

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