Blogger Banned from You Tube – Evidence of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties ‘Vanished’

Blogger Banned from You Tube – Evidence of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood Ties ‘Vanished’

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Telling the truth about Barack Obama, and his ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and possibly some of their criminal activity is a good way to attract unwanted attention from Google and the other big webservices.


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If you compound that by telling the truth about radical Islam you can really get in trouble with big media..  Just ask the lady who runs Bare Naked Islam, or the folks at the website Gates of Vienna

If you can’t get yourself in enough trouble that way, then along with all your other “insensitive offenses’ start telling the truth about the Homosexual Agenda-

Theodore Shoebat explains..

Google Kicked Me Off

Google has completely severed me from making any videos, all of my videos are gone, and now I must start from scratch.

For what reason did they do this? Youtube notified me that it was because of my recent video against homosexuality. This is exactly what I have been warning against, sodomites are advancing themselves over our civilization with the endeavorment to destroy Christianity. This is why I called, and continue to call, for a policy of intolerance toward the sodomite agenda. If we do not outlaw the sodomite, the sodomite will outlaw us.

Homo tyranny is on the rise, and we are its primary target. Banning me off youtube is the result of the Obama regime targeting people like myself and my father. Do not forget that it was through youtube that we exposed the fact that Obama’s brother, Musa Ismail Obama, is conducting a sharia scheme in Kenya; it was us who revealed that Obama’s brother, Malik Obama, works with Omar al-Bashir, a slaughterer who was behind the attack on the US embassy in Sudan.

What made Google angry? Was it the fact that I was posting videos of churches in Egypt being razed and ransacked by the Muslim Brotherhood, that mafia which is so loved by Obama? Here are the videos of the churches, attacked by the heretics Muslims who wish to destroy us–is this what I did that was so wrong?

Read All Of;  Google Kicked Me Off


I missed Shoebat’s video on homosexuals, but I’ve seen several of the others. They contain information that document’s the IRS’s special treatment of Step Grandmother Sarah and Obama’s Favorite half brother Malik Obama.  Then they go a step farther and document Sarah and Malik Obama’s abuse of their tax exempt status and their ties to radical Islam..

Shoebat probably din’t make the White House happy when he made a video that exposed the close relationship between Malik Obama and Omar Al Bashier, Sudan’s President.  Al Bishar is responsible for the murder of hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Southern part of Sudan..

Add to that Al Bashier’s directly or indirectly involved with the Black African Slave Trade..  Every year thousands of  Black Africans Christians are taken from South Sudan to be sold in at the slave market in Khartoum..  No dictator is going to allow open slave trading in his capitol city, unless he gets a cut..

Shoebat has put a lot of effort into documenting Obama and Hillary’s ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, and he knows what’s going on in both Africa and the Middle East..  Very few patriotic American Bloggers can read, writ and think in Arabic, but Shoebat can..

There’s a bunch of reasons Obama would want Shoebat shut down,

Makes me wonder if offending the homosexual was the reason for the shutdown, or if it just provide Google an excuse to do what Obama needed done politically


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  1. Ulsterman is back up … I think this is the post that did it.

    And I concur with Ulsterman.

  2. Ulsterman Report is down too … apparently he posted something yesterday that somebody didn’t like — says on his FB page that his website has been under attack since yesterday. I have no idea what the article he posted was about, I didn’t have time to read his page yesterday.

  3. … if that would make me go away. Lol.

  4. I have noticed something about Google and that is if one Google’s something particularly unfavorable to Obama, fellow commies that the screen is starting more often than not to come up BLANK.

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