Shawn Manning Op-Ed: Fort Hood Families Told Not to Speak to Press?

Shawn Manning Op-Ed: Fort Hood Families Told Not to Speak to Press?

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Gag Order on Witnesses – New Fort Hood Video


Fort Hood victims and families have been asked not to speak to the press according to Autumn Manning, the wife of gravely wounded U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Shawn Manning. It’s not clear how that request was issued. Witnesses in the trial of Nidal Hasan reportedly have an official gag order. It’s hard to reconcile a witness gag as everything that happened that day has been public – so many stories and so much time to digest it all, as Nidal Hasan’s antics has made this the longest prepared-for Military court-martial in history.  On August 7, 2013 Sgt. Manning’s op-ed was published in the Washington Post. See a newly released video below.


Submitted photo of Army Staff Sgt. Shawn Manning


My recovery has been long and agonizing. But the pain that has taken me by surprise has come in the nearly four years since the attack, as my fellow victims and I have been given the runaround by a government more eager to protect itself than the dead and wounded.

On the day of the attack, I was waiting for a medical exam before what would have been my third deployment overseas. I was texting my wife when I heard the shout of “Allahu Akbar!”

I looked up to see a man in Army fatigues firing a pistol. His fourth or fifth shot went into my chest. As screams broke out around me, I collapsed to the ground. The bullet had punctured my lung and I was gasping for breath. As I lay there, he shot me five more times in my back and legs. E[…]




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