What, after all, does it say for Bush’s national reform agenda if the former governor can’t influence education policy in the state in which he started it all?—> Valerie Struss, Wa-Po


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I made a couple comments earlier about Jeb Bush and Tony Bennett’s Chief for Change Foundation, It was hard to pass up the irony of Tony Bennett of  Education Chief Tony Bennett being accused of changing  Charter School Grades in exchange for political contributions to the GOP..  I wasn’t the only one, and I wasn’t the only one to realize Jeb Bush doesn’t have the media cover Barack Obama has when someone in his organization gets fingered for corruption..

There were already indications that even if Bush still controlled Florida’s Education at the state level, Florida Taxpayers were getting  fed up with agenda being shoved up their–ooops down their throats.  Valerie Strauss,  at The Washington Post Grade book has more..


The biggest loser in the Tony Bennett resignation

Now this gives new meaning to Jeb Bush’s Chiefs for Change school reform group.

Tony Bennett, founding Chiefs member, just resigned as Florida’s superintendent of public schools amid a scandal about his actions when he was Indiana’s schools chief. He was forced out of that job late last year by Indiana voters but then was scooped up by the Bush-dominated Board of Education in Florida, where he started as superintendent in January.

In less than a year, Bennett has been ousted from two leading education positions. The first time was by voters disgruntled with his standardized test-based school reform program, which had originally been implemented in Florida under Jeb Bush when he was governor from 1999-2007.

Bennett was a protege of Bush, who became a national school reform leader in recent years through two Florida-based foundations he established  to push his school reform model, which includes vouchers, charter schools and an A-F system to grade schools largely based on test scores.[…]



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