6 Reasons Why Refusing To Fund Obamacare Is A Good Strategy

6 Reasons Why Refusing To Fund Obamacare Is A Good Strategy

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by Lisa Mathews


Sen­a­tors Lee, Cruz and Rubio have got­ten a lot of atten­tion recently with their asser­tion that this is the last chance to rid the world of Obamacare. In the upcom­ing debt nego­ti­a­tions, they are offer­ing a strat­egy to refuse to fund Oba­macare, even if that means shut­ting down the gov­ern­ment. Now, no one wants the gov­ern­ment to shut down, but this may come down to who blinks first. Already pun­dits and some Repub­li­cans are say­ing that this is a bad strat­egy claim­ing that Obama will win even­tu­ally and Repub­li­cans will have another pub­lic defeat that will be dif­fi­cult to recover from. In the end, some say, the GOP loses.

I say non­sense. Here are 6 rea­sons why this is a good strat­egy and we should stand behind it:

1) This really is the last chance to sub­stan­tially weaken the law. Democ­rats knew all those years ago that they needed to build in a phased approach to the law. Let’s face it, if Obamacare’s imple­men­ta­tion had gone any more quickly, we may have still had the back­bone needed to do some­thing about it. But, as it stands, years have gone by and sleepy-​eyed mem­bers of Con­gress are tired of fight­ing Obama, tired of losing. However, since the law has not been imple­mented yet fully (though the fed­eral worker bees have been busy prep­ping to take over the free mar­ket ever since the bill was signed into law), the GOP does have a card to play here. We would be dumb to not use it to its full advantage.[…]



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