Carlos Danger & The People Who Say ‘Oops’ Ride Again

Carlos Danger & The People Who Say ‘Oops’ Ride Again

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New York Mayoralty candidate, Anthony Weiner, or Carlos Danger as he is known in the amateur porn industry,  has come in from the cold after being caught texting, or more accurately, sexting pictures of his wiener to as many as twenty women while he was a congressman. He apologized and resigned, did penance and even his wife forgave him so, the man who loves hot dogs came out of the wilderness to run for mayor and it was all going pretty well. He was leading in the polls and was able to deal with his past transgressions quite effectively until – well – his past transgressions became his current transgressions.


Under the heading; ‘What was he thinking?‘, it has been revealed that Oscar Meyer’s wayward son has been at it again, carrying on a six-month digital relationship with a twenty-two year old woman to whom pictures of the Mighty Hot Dog once again flew through cyber space. Whatever it was that he was thinking, it appears that he was doing his thinking with the wrong head.

I think he’s trying to be the embodiment of the Oscar Meyer wiener song. Maybe he thinks that if he’s an Oscar Meyer wiener everyone will be in love with, and maybe vote for, him but I have to confess it seems a strange election campaign strategy to me. Buying votes with taxpayers’ own money is probably easier and in political circles,considered infinitely more dignified than sticking a camera in your pants.

I wrote about our privileged folks and their penchant for oops moments this past weekend and I thought, quite honestly, that had put the matter to rest. I was wrong. It seems that nobody learns slower than those in the public eye.[…]




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