Jeb Bush is No Conservative but he could be a Marxist-Fascist, like Obama

Jeb Bush is No Conservative but he could be a Marxist-Fascist, like Obama

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If Not, why is he working so hard to push an education agenda largely designed by Communist Leaning Progressives, openly Anti America – Communist Radicals and supported by the Chamber of Commerce?


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Before we get to that, a little background..

It’s not a big secret that Jeb Bush has been the lead salesman for Common Core– so called State Standards and that he’s like to take his turn as master of the big white house in Washington the Bush Family has come to consider their rightful Family Homestead..

Campaigning for the White while promoting Common Core as a lobbyist get a little tricky- There’s all kinds of tax laws, election funding laws and other stuff designed to keep lawyers busy and most of the rest of us confused– Then there’s the basic political reality, more and more Americans are looking at Common Core and not liking the reality behind the sales pitch-

The other morning I got a link to a website I hadn’t seen before.. Conservatives for Higher Standards so I took a look..  My very first impression was –  GOP Propaganda site.  I don’t know why, maybe it was the colors, but that was the first thing that came to mind..  People tend to confuse Republican with Conservative, the truth of the matter is very few Political Class Republicans fit anyone’s definition of Conservative, except their own.  Conservatives tend to vote GOP, but only because the only alternative is even worse

I only had to read one article, and I was thinking Jeb Bush Republican Establishment Propaganda site.. a quick look at the About Page

Conservatives for Higher Standards is a project of the Foundation for Excellence in Education and the Thomas B. Fordham Institute. Founded by former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, the Foundation for Excellence in Education is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to building an American education system that equips every child to achieve his or her God-given potential. The Thomas B. Fordham Institute is the nation’s leader in advancing educational excellence for every child through quality research, analysis and commentary, as well as on-the-ground action and advocacy in Ohio.


The “News Page‘ is pretty much limited to pro Jeb Bush, pro Jeb’s Florida GOP Political Machine, pro Fordham and Pro Chamber of Commerce propaganda..

The sites message is clear, If you aren’t pro Common Core you aren’t a good Conservative– and to prove their poit they hav a whole list of  their idea of conservatives that support Common Core — the list includes two of Jeb Bush’s tax exempt foundations, Jeb him himself and other notable RINOs Republicans Like; Chris Christie


I guess Charlie Crist was unavailable and John McCain was out having his picture taken with Al Qaeda kidnappers or they’d have been there as well..

There were other RINO’s on the list, like Lamar Alexander who supports open borders amnesty and any UN Treaty that weakens US Sovereignty, kinda like Jeb Bush

In all fairness, they’re were a few solid Conservatives on the list.  I think a few of them might want to revisit their positions..  A lot of people bought into the concept, before the details were even written.  In that respect it’s a great deal like Obamacare, a law no one read before hand that now even the the laws author, Max Baucus  says it will be a train wreck…

Jeb Bush knows damned well who is behind Common Core, lets start with David Coleman who wrote the standards;

Remember back when Barack Obama and communist terrorist  Bill Ayers were using the Annenberg Foundation to funnel money to Ayers’ Small Schools Workshop partner Mike Klonsky also a (former) Communist Terrorist..  At the same time they were also funneling money to David Coleman –

Utahans Against Common Core calls Coleman the 9th Scariest Person In American Education

It might be a good time to point out that as late as 2006 Bill Ayers was in Venezuela talking about education being the motor force behind the global communist revolution and the over throw of capitalism..

Before any one objects to me suggesting Obama’s a communist, stop and think-

Both his parents were communists, his grandparents were communists, his childhood mentor was a communist and he’s said in college he was drawn to Marxist Professors.  He was a member of the Communist New Party and his early political career was sponsored by former Communist Terrorists.. Among the pink diaper babies in his administration is his Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan…  Terrorist Mike Klonsky was Obama’s first Education Blogger, until someone remembered the name.   If it walks like a communist and quacks like a communist, the odds are real good it’s a communist..

So we have two communists funneling money to the guy that authored Common Core —

Jeb Bush has to know this- unless he’s an idiot

When Common Core was set up- Obama funded two Consortium with $160,000,000.00 each in seed money..  The idea was all the States would have to join one of the consortium.. If you look closely at who runs the two consortium, you start finding people with strong ties to Bill Ayers, like Ayer’s disciple Linda Hammond Darling–

Mary Garber over at Accuracy in Media has a very important and very detailes article about Common Core

Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

In her Harvard Educational Review article, “President Obama and Education: The Possibility for Dramatic Improvements in Teaching and Learning,” published in the summer after Bill Ayers had urged her nomination as Secretary of Education, Linda Darling-Hammond waxed on about the Obama administration’s “opportunity to transform our nation’s schools.”  Some may remember Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America.” Darling-Hammond noted (or warned), “Barack Obama has outlined a set of ambitious plans to transform American education on a scale not seen since the days of the Great Society.”

It would be well worth your time to pay AIM a visit and read Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

Hammond Darling was one of the people behind the extreme Anti American Agenda Texans were shocked to find in the CSCOPE program the state had adopted..  A curriculum so toxic the people at  CSCOPE went to extraordinary lengths to try and keep parents from finding out what their children were being taught..

Here’s a Little more about the woman Utahans Against Common Core considers the 6th Scariest Person In American Education

In her book, “A Flat World and EducationHow America’s Commitment to Equity will Determine our Future,” she further explains why pushing for equity (communism) will solve the problems of education.  The book illustrates poverty’s effect on education (tell us something we didn’t know) and she comes to the false conclusion that a governmentally forced attempt at financial equity (redistribution) can create better education.  She doesn’t mention how this is to happen without harming individual liberty and without punishing the kids in financially stable schools.

Her ideas are being absolutely shoved down the throats of state school boards and legislators nationally.

And she is dead set on Common Core being the means to these ends.  Always has been.  She knew that others on the Common Core validation committee refused to sign off that the standards were legitimate; she was aware that common core would be an experiment on millions, implemented without any empirical data supporting its superiority claims. She not only supported this baseless decision making and thecopyrighting and implementation of the common standards –but she’s now helping to write the common tests!

She provides professional development for CSCOPE teachers. (CSCOPE is the extremely controversial, secretive curriculum that parents cannot access, which now used in Texas schools.)

Read all Off:  Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: #6 – Linda Darling-Hammond 

All indications are the same stuff that was in CSCOPE is in Common Core –Need Proof,  just read Common Core’s Political Agenda, Children For Sale: A Mother Speaks Out Against Common Core  and  Obama’s Education Takeover from the Conservative- not Republican Eagle Forum

There is no way in hell Jeb Bush doesn’t know this–

But it clear he doesn’t give a f*** either…  There’s money to be made and power to be had–

Hitler, Stalin and Chairman Mao all knew the secret to lasting political power was the indoctrination of a single generation through public education – So do Bill Ayers, Jeb Bush and Barack Obama..

Then there’s the money aspect– for openers we’ll go back to  Mary Garber  at Accuracy in Media

The Gates Foundation provided a $489,453 grant to the George Soros/Obama mouthpiece, the Center for American Progress, “to help communicate the importance of education reforms and support progressive states seeking to implement them.” The same year CAP was also awarded $302,680 to “enhance degree completion for low-income young adults through the publishing of new policy papers, stakeholder engagement and media outreach.” Over $1 million was given to the Editorial Projects in Education, which publishes Education Week, which is supported by other foundations favoring Common Core. Education Week published the Darling-Hammond article promoting new assessments. Stephen Diamond in an October 9, 2008, blog post complained that Education Week was “whitewashing” Obama’s relationship with Bill Ayers in the Annenberg Challenge.

Universities across the country received grants to promote Common Core, as did Boards of Regents. Columbia Teachers College, Ayers’ alma mater, and place of employment for Lucy Calkins, was a major beneficiary.

Once again pay AIM a visit and read Terrorist Professor Bill Ayers and Obama’s Federal School Curriculum

And that’s only a fraction of it, Gate’s who stands to make 10’s of billions off Common Core has contributed heavily to Jeb’s Foundations and Obama’s Presidential Campaigns..

Considered by Utahan’s Against Common Core the 5th Scariest Person in American Education — they had this to say–

It’s hard to know exactly how much money Gates has put toward the promotion of Common Core because of the chameleon-like wording of  educational granting areas.  For example, he gave $3 million  Stanford University and $3 million to Brown University   for “college and career readiness.” (The average person wouldn’t know that college and career readiness is a code phrase defined as  common core by the Department of Education.)  Sometimes he’s promoting “support activities around educational issues related to school reform” for the CCSSO (common core developer) and other times he’s “helping states build data interoperability” –which not everyone would recognize as Common assessments’  bed-making.

According to Gates himself, he’s spent five billion dollars to promote his vision of education since 2000.

Read all of Top Ten Scariest People in Education Reform: # 5 – Bill Gates  

BTW;  Bill Ayers was number 4 on the list, they don’t seem to have finished the countdown– I’m sure they have a place for Jeb Bush, probably right behind Barack Obama–

I don’t know about anyone else, but to me it’s pretty clear Jeb’s in bed with the Communist left– and he could care less about America, or America’s children–

His own self interests are much more important..  and then there’s this–



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