Black vs White Murders, who’s really hunting who…

Black vs White Murders, who’s really hunting who…

I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m tired of  Whites pointing out every violent crime committed by blacks to try and offset the claims about Blacks being  hunted down and killed by whites…



The Myth of Black on White Violence Collage



The Mainstream Media, The New Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Chris Mathews, the Communist Black Caucus and their merry band of race baiting Marxists with their faux accusations that Whites are hunting down Blacks like dogs and shooting ’em in cold blood at every chance has left me weary and outraged.

Let’s not even talk about several generations of Blacks, brainwashed since birth to believe the outright lies spoon fed to them for nearly a half century and it not once occurring to most that they are being deceived by mouth pieces of deception, evil and hate who count on their ignorance and the faithful inconceivability of sock puppets to not research and question the misrepresentations of those with an agenda of their own.

Enough!  So I decided to turn to the experts, i.e., the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who maintains an extensive set of statistically-based tables that pretty much covers all criminal activity.

From previous visit to the tables, I also had a good idea what to expect- well not quite as it turned out.

However extensive, post 1987, absent from the tables is a category for Hispanics, Latinos, whatever one prefers to be called which until this year left the FBI clueless and in the dark as to actual the number of violent crimes committed by Hispanics.  The result of which skewed the actual numbers, i.e., artificially and dramatically inflating violent crime stats for Whites while deflating violent crime stats for Blacks[i],[ii].


The blurring of the stats under Whites:

–     serve as a prop used during the past twenty-five years plus by race baiters in collusion with the mainstream media who have long propagated the myth that Whites assault Blacks in overwhelming numbers ;

–     began suspiciously and conveniently enough at a time when  discussions on amnesty for illegal aliens in the 1980s were gaining steam and continues to date; and

–     from 1987 to date served to keep Americans oblivious to the actual statistics of violent crimes committed by Hispanics.

All of the above assisted Progressives in their Blame White People Campaign while pushing immigration reform ahead and my guess is that the real numbers will not be released until after Obama achieves his Comprehensive Invader Amnesty.

Until then the government does not want the public to know how much crime Hispanics commit,  yet the one thing you can get both Whites and Blacks to agree on is that Hispanics commit a lot of violent crimes.




The next thing I noticed was the numbers didn’t match up between the two tables.  I needed to make a fair comparison — and the number of unknowns don’t seem to account for the difference.  Bad reporting at the local level could account for the numbers not adding up, but then so could a missing demographic.

The most recent tables I could find were 2011 The first table told me almost what I expected, the overall number of murder arrests was lower than I remembered, the percentage of blacks arrested for committing  those murders was up.


download (43)


The official Number of murders in 2011 was 14.612 which leaves us missing 6271 killers- hmm

As you can see from the table, over half the people arrested for murder in 2011 were black.   There were enough people arrested that we can safely assume that the ratio would remain the same or very close if all the murders had been solved and all the murderers arrested.  Unless some of the unknowns are that missing Hispanic demographic.

Let’s allow for that- it makes the math easier.  We know that just under 14 % of the total population in the United States is Black.  It is also common knowledge that there is an unknown number of Hispanics running around the country illegally, therefore, guessing on the conservative side, and to make the math easier, let us assume that 70% of the population is White.  We have a similar number of black and white arrests. The math is easy from there — 70 divided by 14 equals five and it generally accepted that the White population is closer 80 or 84%  — that makes the number worse.  The percentage of White to black arrests has hovered around the 50% mark for the last several years, so I feel comfortable using it…

The black population commits murder at 5 times the rate as the white population.  Even if, all the unsolved murders were committed by whites, blacks would still be killing people at twice the rate whites kill people.

Now lets take a look at who is killing who.


download (45)


448 Whites killed by Blacks vs 193 Blacks killed by Whites in 2011.  Not a pretty number.

Once again, for the sake of simplicity, and because I’d rather err on the side of caution, so if we round the 443 whites, known to have been killed by backs down to 400, we can still safely say that blacks killed twice as many whites as whites killed blacks.

Now back to the percentages. We know that there are still at least 5 times as many whites in the country as there are blacks.  That hasn’t changed from the example up above.  Five times two is ten.

As simply as I can say it, a white person is ten times as likely to be murdered by a black as the other way around. A teacher in Texas put it this way:




It is worth pointing out that while white on Black crime are classified as a hate crime, far too often Black on White crimes are not.

Looks like Eric Holder was right about one thing, we do still have a problem with race, however, he believes that whites should suffer more and that blacks should be protected by the Critical Race Theory.

Oh well, moving on;

It looks like no more than 10% of the murders in the United States are racially motivated.  If you don’t mind being murdered, the good news is, you’re a lot more likely to be killed by someone of your own race, regardless of ethnicity.

The next time someone parrots the Black Panthers, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the hysterical Communist Black Caucus talking about how whites are hunting down blacks and killing them like dogs, demand proof.  Invoking Trayvon Martin is not proof.  Demand from them hard numbers from a verifiable source.

I’m done.  It’s long past time to cut out the bullshit.




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‘Hispanic effect’ skews crime stats



[ii] Discover the Networks

FBI hate-crime statistics list ‘Hispanics’ as a category of victims, but not as a category of offenders. Instead, Hispanic offenders are lumped together with whites. In other words, the current hate-crime classification system allows for Hispanics to be counted as victims of hate crimes, but never as perpetrators of such crimes….



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  1. LadyImpactOhio

    Remember Obama said in his statement after the verdict Trayvon’s death was just another reason why we need gun control.

    These people use every event even if not connected to pursue their totalitarian agenda.

  2. The real issue is not the misinformation these mouth pieces are spewing but who is funding and supporting their existance. The people who believe the lies are not the ones financially supporting people Sharpton and Jackson. There’s a bigger and stronger hand at work here that supports the aforementioned, just like the financial supporters of Obama and those who were behind him dozen years ago. Who are they and what is their agenda? Once these questions and more are answered then we’ll know what can be done about thwarting their efforts.

  3. As usual Contra1, you are correct on all levels.

    Obama, Sharpton, Jackson ask for peace when the cameras are running, dog whistle for get out there in the streets and raise hell.

    They are not fooling anyone except the useful idiots they are dragging with them to hell in handbasket.

  4. I do not know if I am correct in this but it does not seem that Obama, Holder, Sharpton and Jackson are doing anything but agitating and promoting racial division and hate. They are all trying to act clever and all nod nod wink wink avoiding explicit references but their tone and implied meanings are definitely being read by blacks as a greenlight to mayhem for those dumb enough to bite. Obama is all about arrogance and arrogance can get people seriously injured if not dead.

    What I am observing is the so called leaders of the black community, and I see definite signs the group of jackasses listed here DO NOT speak for all blacks and much less America, are agitating and promoting the very same attitude and mindset that is responsible for Trayvon Martin’s death. And like Trayvon the group(s) that will seek to assault as a remedy to their emotional response to fictitious imagination are being led down a very dark path. They do not realize they mean nothing to these dirtbag politicians and are being used. Like Trayvon they will find they are picking a fight that they would be better off avoiding.

    1. LadyImpactOhio

      They are the ones who lit the fire and then started yelling “fire.”

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