Trayvon Martin death by Political Correctness?

Trayvon Martin death by Political Correctness?

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Da Tech Guy,


 Harvey: You HIT me!

Capt: Disko: “Now you just sit there and think about it.”

Captains Courageous 1937

Lt Dave Spradling : Kaffee, I have people to answer to just like you do. I’m going to charge him.

Lt Daniel Kaffee: With possession of a condiment? Lieutenant Dave Spradling: Kaffee…

Lt Daniel Kaffee: Dave, I tried to help you out of this but if you ask for jail time I’m going to file a motion to dismiss..

Lt Dave Spradling: You won’t get it!

Lt Daniel Kaffee: I will get it. And if the MTD is denied I’ll file a motion in limine seeking to obtain an evidentiary ruling in advance and after that I’m going to file against pretrial confinement and you’re going to spend the next three months going blind on paperwork because a Signalman Second Class bought and smoked a dime bag of oregano.

A Few Good Men 1992

At my first job in the Raytheon Scientific Computer Center I met a brilliant programmer in his late fifties. When people needed things yesterday they’d often turn to him for fixes.   Rather than waiting weeks months or years for a fix or application Bob would invariably program a solution in hours or days and without the normal costs of procurement procedures.

This was great for Raytheon and National Defense but unfortunate for the RSCC since our billing was based on people utilizing our libraries using the normal procurement procedures. Thus there was a lot of push to get him “under control”.[…]




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