Racism, Corruption, Fraud, Money, Greed and The Most Complete Explanation Of the Zimmerman Fiasco Yet

Racism, Corruption, Fraud, Money, Greed and The Most Complete Explanation Of the Zimmerman Fiasco Yet

- in Grumpy Daily Headlines

I’d heard the folks over at Conservative Tree House had been doing their own investigation into George Zimmerman’ shooting Trayvon Martin in self defense


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I had no idea how deeply they were digging- or what they were finding.

Earlier I stopped by Sara Noble’s Independent Sentinel- and noticed a comment from a reader -with a link to the Tree House..  That was followed by a comment from Sara  “Wow!!! All I can say is WOW!”.  Anything that get’s that kind of reaction from Sara Noble is worth looking at


“Wow!!! Almost all I can say is WOW!”.

There are a lot of big names in Florida that aren’t going to be happy,  Since most of them are either lawyers or major players in Florida politics I’m sure the guys at Conservative Treehouse made damn sure they could prove every statement they made– in court

Even so they might want to start a legal defense fund-

And they didn’t stop with Florida- what they discovered, if true, goes to the highest echelons  of the Mainstream Media, justifies every accusation ever made against Eric Holder and stops at the door to Oval Office, if not at the Presidents desk



We have not yet had true justice – We have merely stopped ONE aspect of injustice.  So long as these people remain in social, political, or legal power – No-One is safe from becoming the next George Zimmerman.

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It begins with Tracy Martin reaching out on February 28th to his sister-in-law attorney Patricia Jones, she in turn contacted Benjamin Crump from Parks and Crump law firm in Tallahassee. Crump contacted Tracy Martin February 29th and took the case March 1st.

Chasing that initial “contact angle” takes you into another insane web of interwoven associations. So I’m skipping it, but you can READ IT HERE.

Crump then contacted Orlando Attorney Natalie Jackson to begin the process of formulating the offensive strategy. Natalie Jackson is a Seminole County NAACP board member and serves as a member of the Legal Redress Committee. In addition Natalie Jackson’s mom, Francis Oliver, is a major activist and historian within the NAACP.

Natalie Jackson and Benjamin Crump hire Media Communications expert Ryan Julison, who Jackson had previously worked with on the Sanford Sherman Ware case where they were able to extort leverage financial restitution from the son of a former Sanford Police Lieutenant; the son’s name is Justin Collison, and he was charged with beating Sherman Ware. In addition to money paid to Sherman Ware, Collison, the grandson of a very wealthy former federal judge, also paid off the NAACP. Ryan Julison ran the media campaign to support Ware.

While Julison went about pitching the racist white George Zimmerman murdering th


Read all of

A Nation of George Zimmermans Awakened – Understand The Fraud – Post Verdict of Acquittal ….





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  1. Grumpy … I’m not big on it either. SOMEBODY (hint hint) should come up with a conservative alternative to that datamining nightmare. Right now, the little girl has a contractual obligation to have a FB page, because she has a state title. Her account is locked down as tight as I can get it. She said that one of her friends had liked that Trayvon post, and all she read when she saw it was the little girl with cancer; she didn’t notice Trayvon’s name associated with it. I told her not to ‘like’ any more Trayvon posts, or any posts from anyone that she doesn’t know.

    1. identicon

      It’s mostly set — By next month the only thing it will need is people, lots of em

      I had to figure out some hosting- I don’t want Opinions and the Tavern with the same hosting company – I’d grabbed a server at 1 and 1 but, didn’t care for the post sale service..Unfortunately we’re not talking about 10 buck a month hosting for either site..

      I think that’s resolved now — the second company is missing some some of the features I have with Dot Block- but I was tired of shopping- They have a good reputation and so far the post sale support has been as good as the pre-sale, sales pitch

  2. identicon

    I’m not big on Facebook–it’s mostly a huge data mining operation-

    Why not set up a simple private website for her and her friends –

    Almost anyone can hijack anyone’s username and likeness, it’s not hard

  3. My daughter recently turned 13, and on that day I set up her Facebook account. Told her who she could be friends with, and who she could not be friends with, user etiquette, etc. etc. etc.

    Well, apparently Trayvon Martin is sending Facebook messages from beyond the grave. Because my daughter “liked” one of his FB posts a couple of days ago. It was a post about a girl who had cancer, asking for “likes.”

    Who in the hell “trademarks” their dead child’s name and likeness? Who in the hell would suggest such an abominable thing? And who in the hell is “posting” for Trayvon????

    1. bobmontgomery

      The people in the background, the unseen influences, have correctly surmised that with pushing the open borders entry of millions of Hispanics, and the gay marriage thing, and with the Obamacare “free health care’ lie falling apart, millions of black votes might be put into play. So to keep them on the plantation, to keep it an “us” thing, they had to transform Trayvon into an innocent child, and from there into a martyr and a figure “for the ages” One lawyer went so far as to put him in a class with Medgar Evers and other Civil Rights era legends. It is disgusting and Evil, as I categorize it in my post entitled “Segregation …..”.

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