Obama’s DOJ Perverted Justice to Get Zimmerman Indicted

Obama’s DOJ Perverted Justice to Get Zimmerman Indicted

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Sara Noble’s Independent Sentinel was the first, and so far the only site have seen that has a recording posted that actually implicates links Obama’s DOJ with attempts to cause civil unrest following the Trayvon Martin Shooting — I understand she found it on Judicial Watch, but I really like the way she worded her article..


Photo of Dream Defenders rally against George Zimmerman, organized by the Department of Justice
Photo of Dream Defenders rally against George Zimmerman, organized by the Department of Justice


Obama DOJ Perverted Justice to Secure An Indictment Against Zimmerman

Sara Noble | Independent Sentinel

Judicial Watch has released an audio of leading Department of Justice official, Tom Battles, speaking in a church, and presenting the Martin-Zimmerman case as if it were one of racial discrimination. Battles told a student group, Dream Defenders, group he promotes, speak first and he himself urged action against George Zimmerman. The speakers told the audience that it was a case of justice withheld with negligent officers. These are people who appear to want the return of the 1960′s civil rights riots – it would give them purpose. They are willing to pervert justice to do it. Ironically, Zimmerman is himself a minority. Should Hispanics riot if he is convicted?

Battles begins speaking at 04:29: ( Grumpy Note –You’ll Have to visit Sara to Hear It)

If you listened to the entire clip, you might have found as I did that the people in the meeting were fed mistruths about the facts in the case pointing to Zimmerman’s guilt.

Obama took a peacekeeping division of the DOJ – the Community Relations Service – and turned it into an activist group re-purposed to foment unrest. The Community Relations Service (CRS), an arm of the DOJ (Department of Justice), formed in 1964 at the height of the Civil Rights Movement, to protect the rights of blacks. It has vastly increased its power under Obama and it now deprives whites and white-Hispanics of their rights.[…]





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