George Zimmerman — a bad feeling

George Zimmerman — a bad feeling

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William Jacobson

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I have a really bad feeling about the Zimmerman verdict.

Logically, it should be a slam dunk of “Not Guilty” on all charges, since the evidence clearly shows Zimmerman was acting in justifiable self-defense as he was being beaten by Trayvon Martin. Or at least there is a reasonable doubt as to self-defense, which the law requires result in a Not Guilty verdict.

I’ve said it before, this was a case which never should have been brought, and it wasn’t. Not until a carefully orchestrated professionally managed publicity campaign based on false racial accusations, resulting in a Special Prosecutor.

You know the rest, or at least you thought you did until today.

We knew that Obama pumped up the racial angle when he commented that if he had a son, he would look like Trayvon. I wonder which Trayvon that was, the one the jury heard about who just liked to play video games with his siblings? Or the Trayvon of the cell phone, bragging not long before this incident about his fighting prowess and how he knew how to sucker punch people in the nose? But the jury never will know that.

We also knew that Eric Holder had the DOJ investigate the case, and that the FBI found no evidence that Zimmerman was racist or motivated by racism.

What we didn’t know until today was that the DOJ supported some of the anti-Zimmerman rallies, as disclosed by Judicial Watch (

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