Little Girls recite Hate Speech on Palestinian TV

Gateway Pundit.

…As you watch the clip below, keep in mind that Uncle Sam is the Executive Producer!



Children born of such wickedness, brainwashed from birth, taught to hold such vile thoughts and espouse loathsome rhetoric are doomed to the fate of their parents.

Why are we still doling out taxpayer money to those who indoctrinate their children from birth to espouse Islamist propaganda?

As reported by CBN News, yearend 2011, Obama released $47 million “aid” that was allegedly frozen the Palestinian Authority out of 547 million USD in “aid” that was allegedly frozen as Obama asked Congress to allocate to the P.A.

According to the Daily Beat, in March 2013, the Obama administration released $500 million to the Palestinian Authority and if that’s not enough to make your hair to curl, John Kerry is presently seeking a bailout in the sum of $4 billion for the P.A. to revitalize the Palestinian economy.

I agree with Sarah Palin, “Let Allah sort it out.”  My taxpayer dollars could be better spent elsewhere.




Originating source of video:  Palestinian Media Watch



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