North Carolina Redneck has the Anti White Crowd in an uproar

North Carolina Redneck has the Anti White Crowd in an uproar

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It doesn’t take much, just suggest that White Americans should be allowed any of the special rights reserved for other races and the RC crowd has a nervous breakdown..


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In this case Donnie Spell drove his tractor in the Hope Mills, North Carolina, 4th of July Parade towing a wagon load of watermelon, Confederate Flags and a couple signs..  Seems the signs were what offended people.. The Daily Caller:

Officials in a small North Carolina town received an earful of complaints from some spectators over an Independence Day parade float festooned with racially-charged language.

Local farmer Donnie Spell drove a green John Deere tractor with the Confederate flag hitched to the back. The makeshift float was pulling a wooden wagon with a red, white and blue sign on the side reading “white history month” and, just below, “HUG WTE PPL” in all capital letters.

Spell, who is a frequent entrant in the July 4th parade as well as the local Christmas parade, was decked out in a white baseball cap and a shirt in the design of the American flag.

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Farmer’s ‘white history month’ float in July 4th parade fails to impress

I think the Daily Caller may be a little off with the title, from what I’ve heard Spell managed to impress a lot of people…

Seems suggesting hugging white people is absolutely racist- and the idea of a White History Month is obscene.. at least to the White Hating lefties..

To be honest I’m not big on a White History Month, a Black History Month, a  Jewish History or any other Special History Month — There’s only 12 months in a year, and a lot more racail and ethnic groups then that in the United States.. Last I checked we were all supposed to be Americans..

I think what he did was a little silly, but Donnie has a valid point..

We Have Hispanic Television stations, We Have Hispanic only Clubs and Organizations, We Have Black Educational TV and Black Colleges..We have a Congressional Black Caucus,  Black Women’s Clubs and the NAACP.

Oh Yeah and we have Black History Month

Can you imagine the screaming if someone changed the word Hispanic or Black to White in any of the those names?  If you really want to see the SHTF, try opening a White Men or women’s club..  Unless it was specifically set up for homosexuals, all hell would would break loose…

Frankly,  in my opinion the communist left is a hellva lot more racist than anyone else in the country.. As a matter of fact several of the left’s leading educators have suggested on more than one occasion they want the White Race to vanish..

It doesn’t get much more racist than that..



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