Dispatch from Cairo: Egypt is on the brink of civil war

Dispatch from Cairo: Egypt is on the brink of civil war

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Terrifying bouts of violence have broken out in the streets of this roiling Mideast country




CAIRO, EGYPT — Over the past week, a popular uprising against a divisive, inept, Islamist president turned into the military takeover of Egypt. While the military is promising to stay out of politics, this seems to be contradicted by a couple clear truths: The military’s traditional domination of Egyptian society, and its recent takeover, which is being militantly opposed by Islamist activists.

The fact that the military has the overwhelming support of liberals and leftists who just two years ago were chanting “down with military rule” shows how adept the Egyptian military is at co-opting genuine popular movements to advance its agenda. This phenomena is nothing new, and it is one of the reasons Egyptian society is so hard to reform.

This morning, things went from bad to worse at an Islamist, anti-military protest outside the Republican Guard Headquarters. It is unclear who shot first, but arou

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