Priorities: Suffer The Little Children

Priorities: Suffer The Little Children

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How many kids are there out there without a father, or without a father in their life?  Would you say a lot?  And yet the American Academy of Pediatrics thinks it’s crucial that they do this: are going to busy themselves with a social issue by relating it to health.  If they were going to busy themselves with a social issue that was so prevalent it required them to issue policy statements, one would think kids without a parent or parents would be screaming for attention.
But that’s not all of it.  They beclown themselves by suggesting that pediatricians put up pictures  of both heterosexual and homosexual kid couples on the windows of their offices so the little kiddies will know they’re welcome and not “different”  They talk about homosexual youth being “normal”, just different.
Look, do words mean anything?  No matter how you want to spin it, homosexuality is not the norm, tolerated, celebrated or not.But then these distinguished folk proceed on into name-calling, talking about “Homophobia” and “Heterosexism”.  Did you know that the term “homophobia” didn’t come into being until 1969?  Yeah; it’s a made-up word.  Look up “homo” in Merriam’s and it means “Man”.  So in order for homophobia not to mean an “irrational fear of men” they have to bastardize it and use the slang word for homosexual, “homo”, which of course you’re not supposed to use in polite company, and attach it to “phobia.”  These people are supposed to be LEARNED.Then there is “heterosexist”, which wasn’t invented til 1972.  It means somebody who is opposed to homosexuality and therefore discriminatory against people of that ilk.
What these people are pushing is for zero tolerance policies against non-gay youth and educators saying anything whatsoever derogatory about the lifestyle or even giving the proverbial roll-of-the-eye.  Again, we are talking about an infinitesimal subset of an age-group.  And it’s all about who, whatand how many the little tykes are inclined to have sex with or how many possible combinations of gender confusion can be celebrated as “normal”.  (Yes, that’s another thing.  They never get into what ages we’re talking about.  It’s just “Youth”)
There is another professional group that is opposed to all this propaganda, the American College of Pediatricians.  But they are a breakaway group, much smaller, less influential and of course their views don’t get the promotion in the media like the politically correct group does.The reason I bring this up is that it is one more example of formerly truth-seeking, straight-talking professional or scholarly institutions or societies selling their souls off to the anarchism mongers for thirty pieces of silver, or fifteen minutes of fame.  It’s like the Geophysical Society, or whatever it is, that keeps pushing this “global warming/climate change” meme even in the face of hard data to the contrary, and trying to sanction members who don’t go along.If they were truly charitable or motivated to be the best pediatricians/climatologists they could be,  they wouldn’t have to invent slurs like “heterosexist’ and “climate change deniers” and insert them into their propaganda/ policy statements.  But they will brook no opposition, and if you do not buy into the whole package and insert your official stamp of approval, you are the ones stigmatized.  Witness the Boy Scouts.  The activists didn’t want just gay scouts, they wanted Gay Scout Leaders. The American Academy of Pediatricians doesn’t just want LGBTQ (yeah, LGBT is trash now, you have to insert the Q; more letters to come.)kiddies to be “normalized”, they want goon squads set up in the schools to ferret out heterosexists.There will never be another childhood disease eradicated in our lifetime, or our childrens’ lifetimes, because the doctors are doing other things.


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