American Troops Boots on the Ground in Egypt

American Troops Boots on the Ground in Egypt

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The Washington Times reports that 400 U.S. troops will go to Egypt’s Sinai to “curb riots,” and report on “violations” to the peace treaty between Egypt and Israel. If Israel’s security is threatened, troops will “engage.” The “peacekeeping mission” will include troops from 13 nations. Israel built a fence along the Sinai border, completed in Spring 2013. Illegal crossings dropped 99.9 percent – from 2,000 illegal crossings per month to just 2 illegal

Something about this report doesn’t make sense. Why would the Muslim Brotherhood allow troops in the Sinai to protect Israel, when the Brotherhood has already said it will not honor the Egypt-Israel peace treaty?

In November 2012, Egypt denied that troops from the U.S. and other Nations will be allowed in the country:

While the international media is all abuzz with reports that Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu only agreed to the truce with Palestinians in Gaza if President Obama agreed to send U.S. troops into Sinai to stop the smuggling of arms from Iran into Gaza, Egypt is strenuously denying the story, saying it would never allow U.S. troops to be stationed in its country.




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