Moore Oklahoma – By Dawn’s Early Light (24 Confirmed Dead)

Moore Oklahoma – By Dawn’s Early Light (24 Confirmed Dead)

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In Moore Oklahoma this morning two elementary schools are gone– Leveled in a matter of seconds by a huge tornado…


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At 10:00 CDT the medical examiner confirmed 24 fatalities – 9 children..


At one of them, the Briarwood School, people are thanking God and teachers for a miracle..  You’d never know from the pictures, but enough of the building held together to keep all the students alive.. Yes there were injuries, mostly scratches, scrapes and bruises.  There are reports of a teacher lifting a fallen wall off of some students.  She managed it did it after sustaining injuries that would send her to the hospital..


Briarwood, KFOR TV
Plaza Towers Elementary School– KFOR TV


Things didn’t work out so well at the Plaza Towers Elementary School..  Rescue workers spent the night digging through debris and hoping for any sort of miracle.. As of o500 am CDT this morning they’d found twenty children, and no miracles. They believe more children are buried under the pile of ruble..

KFOR Channel 4 out of Oklahoma City has had amazing non-stop coverage of the Tornado and Rescue efforts on live stream since the the storm formed.  Like most news bloggers and MSM outlets I’ve spent a good part of the last 14 hours following their reports-  Currently they are reporting

UPDATE: At least 91 killed in Moore tornado, hundreds injured

MOORE, Okla. – Officials have confirmed at least 91 people have been killed in the Moore tornado Monday.

The medical examiner’s office confirmed at least 233 people have been injured.

That number is expected to rise as recovery efforts continue Tuesday morning and daylight arrives.


UPDATE: At least 91 killed in Moore tornado, hundreds injured

I will update the totals as the day progresses– As of now they’re reporting at least 20 of the confirmed dead are children


As I write this they’re waiting for daylight in Moore– people have started posting You Tubes









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