Peter’s Broke and America’s Madder Than “Hell”

Peter’s Broke and America’s Madder Than “Hell”

Peter has been robbed so many times that he’s broke, frazzled, frustrated and can’t float Paul anymore.  That’s the predicament that Americans are in right now and they’re madder than “hell,” because they’ve been abused, misused and lied to by Obama, Democrats, the old Republican establishment and Liberal News Media.


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To add insult to injury, Americans just discovered that the DOJ and IRS can monitor their every move, listen to their telephone conversations, check out their bank account, audit them badger and intimidate them without any repercussions.

What do we know about signing statements – remember just from 2009 to the end of 2011, President Obama has written 19 signing statements. Before discussing solutions to our dilemma check out this website to better understand signing statements and how Obama sidesteps our Constitution placing himself above our laws.

Since Congress appears to be the only who can subpoena the President, it’s unlikely they would even consider it at this time due to job security and the fear that the Obama Administration will destroy those who question the Commander in Chief.

The President can construe many reasons why he will ignore a subpoena such as scheduling conflicts, executive privilege etc. But, there is another way to obtain presidential testimony and that is via a taped video deposition just like President Clinton submitted to during his term.

Years ago Judson Philips used the phrase a “dog and pony show” and he hit the nail on the head.  Investigations are piece meal, disconnected and lessons in futility.  Witnesses purge themselves on the witness stand and walk away unscathed.  Look back at the Fast and Furious gunrunner farce the interrogators didn’t get to the chase they run all around the manure pile playing musical chairs.

First question to Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano would not be when did you first hear about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program?  No, it would be in April 2009 Mr. Holder, you and Ms Napolitano went to Cuernavaca, Mexico to explain the gunrunner program to Mexican authorities.  Mr. Holder in your speech you told the Mexican authorities that Ms Napolitano would explain the details of the program.

Question: Who are the key persons that you put in charge of letting American weapons walk across the border into the hands of the drug cartel? Next question:  When OIG warned you about the failing gunrunner program why didn’t you immediately stop the program or at least correct all of the problems as listed by the OIG?  All we got from Holder and Napolitano was a bunch of show – boating, frowns and grimaces followed by the famous Obama statement, “I didn’t know. “

The apparent end of the gunrunner story is a few gophers were sacrificed as the Judas goats, but Holder and Napolitano are still in office. Will the Benghazi murders of four brave American men hit the dust since there isn’t anyone accountable in the White House?

The Benghazi murders are a replay of the Fast and Furious saga.  8 months have passed since the Benghazi terrorist attack. Isn’t it time to stop the dog and pony shows and see that justice is served?

Take one scandal at a time and subpoena all key players in the Benghazi murders at one time so there’s no chance for collaboration of their stories. Send subpoenas to Panetta, Rice, Lamb, Carney and Clinton – interrogate all of them in the same room at the same time, someone is going to forget their canned speech and tell all.

Ask all of them the same 4 questions:

1.  When did you first know about the Benghazi terrorist attack and where were you when you were first apprised of the attack.

2.  Why didn’t you stay at the White House during the attack and pull out all of the stops to save four brave Americans?

3.  Who decided to use the video as an excuse for the terrorist attack and why did you continue using it weeks after the attack?

4.  Name the key players in the White House the night of the Benghazi murders and who gave the orders to step down.



May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca


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