Common Core Power Grab Explained — He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” —>Adolph Hitler

Common Core Power Grab Explained — He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” —>Adolph Hitler

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Who’s doing it?  These reforms are led by Bill Ayers, Michelle Rhee, Arne Duncan, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg of New York City.  They are also led by educational publishers such as Cengage, Pearson, McGraw Hill, and McDougal Littel.  They have a host of supporters including, but not limited to, the Coalition of Essential Schools, New Visions, the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and other NGOs that want to bring equality and progress [sic] to institutions supposedly failing to their very core.  These “reformers” are being abetted by their so-called adversaries, the education unions: UFT, AFT, NEA, and NYSUT.   Excerpt — The Great Education Power-Grab


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The good new is it’s starting to fall apart.. People are asking questions, that wasn’t supposed to happen.  Proponents from both the Barack Obama and Jeb Bush political machines assumed that if the public was told Common Core State Standards were a state led initiative then people would believe it. It must come as quite a shock, when people started asking questions. The assumption among the political elite is that Americans are too stupid to care what government does. Sometimes we are.

That all changes when our children are involved. Parents were never supposed to notice that Common Core would record every genetic trait and detail a child’s behavior from the moment they enter kindergarten, are now prekindergarten until they leave the school system. Buried deep in Common Core or regulations that allow for 24-hour a day monitoring students activities. The government is not saying exactly who will have access to your child’s information, however Secretary of Education Arnie Duncan has suggested it should be made available to any government agency that says they have a need to know about an individual. It is also been made apparent that some of the government’s partners in this effort would have access to the information, folks like Microsoft, General Motors and a couple of the oil companies. Your guess is as good as mine who, and for what reason someone might have access to your child’s information some point, during their lifetime

The federal government would like to have you believe that common core does not interfere with the local power to control curriculum.

That’s a bunch of Bull Manure, to be polite.

In theory schools could teach what they want, but if they don’t teach what will be other national tests, they’re screwed. If the students fail to pass nationalized tests states and individual districts lose federal dollars, individual teachers can see their pay cut or be fired. Obviously the students cannot pass the test unless the curriculum used by the district was designed around the test.

Then there is the curriculum itself, the one that doesn’t officially exist but will unofficially be used to determine everything your child is taught in school.

As Jeffrey Ludwig pointed out in The Great Education Power-Grab. people like Bill Ayres are behind this effort. The first reference I can find the concept was in The Port Huron Statement, written by another 1960s era communist Weather Underground terrorist named Tom Hayden. Hayden not only suggested a national curriculum but he suggested it should be created with an eye on expanding it to a global curriculum. Jim Kelly took a close look at United Nations Agenda 21 and Common Core in  The Core Problem: Preventing the United Nations Takeover of K-12 Education in America  That might have something to do with why Jeb Bush is behind Common Core.  Like many other GOP RINO”s Bush sees some personal advantage in ceding aspects of United States sovereignty to the United Nations. Like John McCain and other RINOs he supports things like United Nations gun control and the Law of the Sea Treaty. His father is the jackass who signed United Nations Agenda 21 for the United States.

Thanks to research by folks like the Missouri Education Watchdog, then more recently EAG, Michelle Malkin, Glenn Beck and countless other bloggers. parents have learned about the openly Anti -American material presented as a part of the Common Core Curriculum. The guidelines could’ve been written by an American hating terrorist like Bill Ayers himself. The truth of the matter is many of the guidelines were written by his student. disciple and friend Linda Hammond Darling..  If Bill Ayers had had his way Hammond Darling would be Secretary of Education, but Obama couldn’t risk it, a Senate Hearing was to likely to expose things about Obama’s relationship to Ayers and other Weather Underground Terrorists..

The press can only dismiss so many terrorists away as ‘just a guy in the neighborhood’ before people start wondering what the hell kind of Terrorist Filled Neighborhood Obama was living in.. and why..

(Just found this video, can’t pass it up.  It was designed to attack George Bush and No Child Left Behind, But Obama’s Race to the Top is nothing more than NCLB on steroids, this isn’t a left – right issue, it’s a parents against the political class issue)



Getting back on topic–

Look at the people Ludwig mentioned in the except at the top of the page  Bill Ayers, Michelle Rhee, Arne Duncan, and Mayor Mike Bloomberg…

Bill Ayers, communist terrorist bomber turned educator who still when he’s out of the country talks about a communist revolution in America.  He’s would be murder who planned to set off a bomb that could have killed and maimed dozens of young soldiers and their wives and girlfriends at a Fort Dix Dance had not the bomb detonated prematurely and blown up his girlfriend instead..   And he’s a friend of Barack Obama’s

Michele Rhee, the darling of education reformers, including Jeb Bush and Obama.  The lady who turned around Washington DC’s miserably failed school system — at least on paper.  It seems there was a lot of cheating on- When she left, the cheating stopped and the fraud was exposed.  There are people who believe she’d be in prison if it wasn’t for her connections to Obama and Bush.

Less Known is Arnie Duncan.  Like Obama, Duncan was a Pink Diaper Baby, his parents were communists.  In Chicago the move in the same ‘communist dominated circles as Obama did.  Associating with terrorists like Ayers, Bernadine Dohrn and Mike Klonsky– excuse me former terrorists, if you believe the left handed media..

Finally there’s America’s not so beloved Mayor Slurpie… they say a picture’s worth a thousand words …. think I’ll save myself some typing




He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.” —>Adolph Hitler


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