President Get US Population Wrong – May have included Mexico?

President Get US Population Wrong – May have included Mexico?

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Never one to be overly concerned about supporting his propaganda with facts the President really mucked up the numbers in a statement about Obamacare.. I noticed it when I was reading   ABC’s Obamacare’ Poll Finds 42% of Americans Unaware It’s Law by Sara Parness..

First of all it’s sad that so many American’s don’t know that a law, carefully crafted to by the president and his cohorts to infringe on the lives of ordinary citizens in a way that used to be reserved for communist and Nazi despots is actually a law.  Talk about low information voters, that’s damned near justification to reintroduce literacy tests for voting–

Worse the President was so busy lying he forgot some of us do actually look at what he says.

He (The President) went on to say those who would have trouble with implementation were the roughly 48 million Americans who are uninsured to begin with, a minority of the population.

“For the 85 to 90 percent of Americans who already have health insurance, this thing’s already happened, and their only impact is that their insurance is stronger, better, more secure than it was before,” President Obama said. “Full stop. That’s it. Now they don’t have to worry about anything else.

In 2012 the official population of the United States was 313,914,000 with at least 14,000,000 of them the illegal invaders we were promised wouldn’t be entitled to Obama-care.  That leaves 300,000,000 who we can assume are American Citizens, less a few million more are here on things like student visas from Saudi Arabia and places like that..  If 90% aren’t going to see any change except premium increases of 20 to 50%  that leaves 30 million, not 48 —

For that number to accurate he’d have to finish importing the entire population of Mexico – Something it appears he’s trying to do, with the willing cooperation of Marco Rubio, Lidsay Graham and John McCain..

Even using his high end number, we only get to 45,000,000 – and that was his worst case scenario..

The ABC article also mentioned something else disturbing —

HHS  today released new applications for individuals and adults looking to get health insurance. Officials cut the forms down from 21 pages to seven pages for a family and three pages for an individual.

The applications ask nothing about medical history, beyond whether the applicant or a family member is pregnant and whether they have a condition that “causes limitations in activities … like bathing, dressing [and] daily chores.”

Instead, they resemble tax forms, inquiring about income, Social Security numbers and employment history. They also ask for contact information and race-ethnicity.

Read all of it here

Is this really about health care, or something else – Employment history, income and race-ethnicity —  Hmm that’s exactly the kind of information Hitler used to collect, before he buit the gas chambers..

We are supposed to be one nation, race isn’t supposed to be a factor in how we treat our citizens — so why is the Obama Administration so race obsessed?



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