Pigford- NY Times Pegs Obama For Vote Buying Scheme

Pigford- NY Times Pegs Obama For Vote Buying Scheme

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Shovel Ready Obama, wearing gloves to dig one ceremonial shovel ful of dirt ---
Shovel Ready Obama, wearing gloves to dig one ceremonial shovelful of dirt —

Lee Stranahan | Breitbart.com

The New York Times has vindicated the news sense of Andrew Breitbart and years of Breitbart News coverage of the Pigford scandal with a front page, above the fold blockbuster of investigative journalism that adds new details about the fraud in the USDA farmer settlements and the key role that Barack Obama has played in Pigford dating back to his days as a Senator.

Andrew Breitbart worked tirelessly to expose the Pigford fraud scheme only to have the clear evidence of manipulation by politicians and plaintiff lawyers ignored by the mainstream media. The story involved politicians and lawyers hijacking a lawsuit by black farmers against the USDA designed to make up for years of discrimination and turning it into a multi-billion dollar fraud where people claiming to have ‘attempted to farm’ were able to collect $50,000 checks with no proof. The Obama administration expanded the program for Native Americans, Hispanics, and women, using the same low “attempted to farm” standard that invited massive, undetectable fraud.

The Times piece was written by a team led by Sharon LaFraniere, who worked on the story for months and according to the article “was based on thousands of pages of court and confidential government documents, as well as interviews with dozens of claimants, lawyers, former and current government officials and others involved in the cases over the past 14 years.”

Here are some highlights from the article, including a number of details not previously reported:


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