Boston Marathon Massacre – Another WH Cover-up in the making?

Boston Marathon Massacre – Another WH Cover-up in the making?

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Like several million other bloggers, when police released the name of the Saudi National in the hospital I paid a visit to his Facebook page.


Storm Clouds Over The White House


There was nothing remarkable or incriminating on Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi’s Facebook page, except he’d gone from posting every few days to not posting at all for almost three months.  There hadn’t been a single post since January 22.  I thought that seemed a little strange, but not as strange as the police conducting a major search of the man’s apartment, and seizing a significant amount of his personal property- while say he wasn’t a suspect, just a witness.  Unless someone rewrote the Constitution in the last day of so, you need to be able to convince a judge there’s a reasonable suspicion of something to get a search warrant.

Then there was whatever the hell happened, or didn’t happen at the Press Conference on the Bombing last night.  The Media was reporting a line of “Heavy'” police vehicles arriving at the Court House prior to the scheduled event-  That made it sound like an arraignment, of an important defendent might be in process– but then everything was cancelled because of a bomb threat..  A little while later the judges returned to work, but the media event was scrubbed and apparently not rescheduled..

This morning things started sounding even weirder, much weirder…




Walid Shoebat started putting the pieces together yesterday and continues covering the story today.

Three Saudi Students at the Boston Marathon?

Video: Leaders of Al-Qaeda in Yemen and Syria from same clan as former ‘person of interest’ (Saudi) in Boston

Video: Steve Emerson reports Saudi national ‘person of interest’ is being deported on Tuesday

Exclusive Photo of Alharbi in Hospital and more evidence of coverup


It seems that our non suspect student has a lot of important friends, both in the Saudi Government, and in a bunch of Muslim terrorist organizations.. So maybe he and his friends aren’t just innocent students?

Now admittedly there’s always the chance that Walid Shoebat is jumping to conclusions, but he has a good record of tracking Islamic Radicals.. And there is more

From Daniel Greenfield at FontPageMag

Kerry Meeting With Saudi Foreign Minister Abruptly Closed to the Press

The meeting with the Saudi Foreign Minister should have been open to the press as well. But then suddenly, it wasn’t.

A meeting Secretary of State John Kerry was to hold with Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal was abruptly closed to press coverage Tuesday morning.

The State Department provided no reason for the change, which was announced just 15 minutes before the scheduled 10 A.M. session, but media reports have said that a Saudi national in the U.S. on a student visa is a “person of interest” to investigators probing the bombings at the Boston Marathon on Monday.

“Apologies for short notice,” the State Department’s press office told reporters as it announced the change. A spokesperson did not immediately respond to a query about the closure of the meeting, which had been scheduled to include a so-called “camera spray” at the top of the session.

The Saudis tend to be aggressive in protecting their nationals, even when they are involved in terrorism. And Kerry clearly is trying to avoid any kind of public exchange or questions at the topic.


Read More  Kerry Meeting With Saudi Foreign Minister Abruptly Closed to the Press

Now of course it could just be that Kerry just wanted to talk to the minister about the pleasures of polygamy or You Tube Videos about the Prophet …and stuff like that.  Things best not discussed in front of reporters, who knows?

But then– Today unexpectedly  no less than President Obama had a meeting with Prince Saud-al-Feisal that was not on his schedule.  The unscheduled meeting is supposed to be to discuss Syria..  Okay, maybe it is, but Syria is an ongoing problem, I wouldn’t expect Obama to switch his schedules around for that — It’s no like Tiger Woods or Beyonce dropped by the White House unexpectedly.

The reason Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi is being told to leave the United States

National Security Concerns

Like a redneck buddy of mine used to say–

Sumptim jus’ ain’t feelin’ rite




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