Behind the Dismal Jobs Numbers- The ‘New’ Economy Takes Shape

Behind the Dismal Jobs Numbers- The ‘New’ Economy Takes Shape

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Rick Moran

PJ Tatler

It is amazing just how wrong economists were in their predictions for the number of jobs that were to be created in March. The “consensus” figure was 200,000 — a far cry from the actual number created which was 88,000. Totally “unexpected,” as usual.

In one way, you can’t blame them. After a better than average gain in February of 236,000 (revised upward this month to 268,000), along with some positive numbers in housing and consumer spending, there were no doubt many analysts who began breathing a sigh of relief and believing that the long-awaited jobs recovery was upon us.


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The PJ Tatler » Behind the Dismal Jobs Numbers: The ‘New’ Economy Takes Shape.



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