Dr. Ben Carson was Right and the Left Can’t Handle It

Dr. Ben Carson was Right and the Left Can’t Handle It

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Jennifer Burke | TEA Party News Network

Many view Dr. Ben Carson as a rising political star for the GOP and rightly so. His common sense conservative views and the manner in which he articulates them are a breath of fresh air in a society in which “We the People” are accustomed to being lied to. The truth of the matter is, in today’s political world, there are very few politicians who say what they mean and mean what they say. Too often, they speak as if they are teetering on a balance beam; trying desperately to appeal to multiple groups even if it means being evasive in their answers or, as happens often, outright lying.

Nowhere do we see that happening more frequently than when it comes to social issues. Those of us on the right have long been told that we must let go of our own personal views on social issues in order to have a more broad appeal. Heaven forbid you be a Christian conservative and actual stand on principles rooted firmly in your beliefs. Worshipping at the alter of ‘Mother Nature’ and pushing that ideology is okay for the left, but worshipping at the alter of God and even stating what you believe is viewed as absolutely unacceptable. After all, you can’t legislate morality! However, as we are seeing right now, you obviously can legislate immorality for that is precisely what the left, and some on the right, are attempting to do.


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Dr. Ben Carson was Right and the Left Can’t Handle It | The Tea Party News Network | TPNN.com.

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