Obama’s Home Town Riot Was Planned Weeks In Advance

Obama’s Home Town Riot Was Planned Weeks In Advance

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 Critical Race Theory might sound great in Harvard Lecture Halls, but here’s what happens when a organized group of Chicago Thugs puts it into action..




These kids figure the law shouldn’t apply to them — They think that because they are a minority, in a city where they are the majority, they should be allowed to pillage at will.

Last spring there was a rash of these events in cities coast to coast.. The targets were generally businesses and white Americans.  The mainstream media tried it’s damnedest to avoid telling the public what was going on..   By editing some video and 911 tapes they could make the George Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin story fit into the liberal narrative..  Mobs of black kids openly attacking white white victims is a lot harder to spin.


Jeff Carter | Points and Figures


Saturday, a pack of approximately 500 young people invaded the Michigan Avenue shopping district of Chicago. They were almost all African-American kids that took public transportation.

I use the word “invade” with a purpose. This wasn’t random. This was plotted with the care a commander uses when they send platoons into battle.

The gangbangers organized using social media. They knew exactly where they were going and they knew their battle plan. Not unlike an invading army when they go to take over a city.

This isn’t a one off thing. It happens every spring. Recall, last May they shut down the beach because it was full of thugs.  It’s not shocking to me at all.  That’s sad.

When I lived in the Gold Coast, Chicago‘s most expensive neighborhood, every spring we could count on being overrun. Many residents were assaulted. Down the street from where I lived, there was a knife fight on the corner. Imagine this happening in Bel Air or the Upper East Side.

It was unsafe to walk from my parking garage to my apartment building late at night.  The walk was two blocks.  I know of a few people that were relieved of their watches, wallets, and phones on that walk.

In the past two years, it’s become unsafe to walk down Michigan Avenue. Chicago police are always parked in the median. Seems like a police state.  If you pull a cell phone out on the street, there is a likelihood that it might be taken from you.  It won’t be one on one either, since the gangbangers hunt in packs.  Both young men and women.

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The New Chicago Mob – Points and Figures | Points and Figures.



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