Should You Work From Home?

Should You Work From Home?

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Thanks to Marissa Mayer ($YHOO) for making this issue front and center.  As more and more of the US workforce transitions into independent contractors, people are being faced with a choice.  Do they set up a home office and work from home, or do they set up an office outside of their home?

I have done both.

Recently, I have been engaged researching trends in co-working.  I attended the Austin Juicy conference the week before SXSW and learned a lot.  This is more than a mere trend-it’s changing the way humans interact and produce.

Right now, it’s 6am and I am typing this in a home office I have set up.  It’s comfortable to work here now.  But, if I want to get stuff done without any interruptions I need to go someplace else.  For a lot of people, that becomes the local coffee shop with free wifi.

I have tried the free coffee shop route.  It sucks.  People wander in an out.  In the ones I have worked at in cities, homeless guys sneak a cat nap in chairs.  It’s also not a professional place to meet people.  If you are starting to work independently from home, avoid the trap of the coffee shop.  Even though it’s free-it’s not.  You won’t accomplish much here-and your time is worth something.

The place that people are turning to is a co-working place.


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Should You Work From Home? – Points and Figures | Points and Figures.

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