Is “White In Philly” a Much Needed Discussion Kept in the Closet for Too Long or Racist?

Is “White In Philly” a Much Needed Discussion Kept in the Closet for Too Long or Racist?

“Feeling any guilt over what was done before you were born is neurotic. Wallowing in it to this point is just plain sick.”  Lawrence Auster.


the further a society drifts from truth george orwell quote screenshot


The other day, a friend sent me Philadelphia Magazine article “White in Philly” written by Robert Huber.  He wanted to do a post on the article but was not quite sure if he now was a good time to do so with the overall climate in the country on the subject of race.  I reviewed the article, shared my experiences and offered to do a post on the article.

I re-read the article several times and took a day or two reflect upon the article itself and why the discussion of race has remained a third rail topic in America.

Below are a few excerpts which I have cut and pasted from the referenced article including my own views directly below each selection.

Should you wish to read “White in Philly” without interruption, please feel free to do so here.  It is a worthy read.

The article written from the author’s personal experience and that of many others caused memories of my own personal experiences to surface which I have share at the end of this post.)


Excerpt # 1:

“….My rowhouse in Mount Airy is on a mostly African-American block; it’s middle-class and friendly—in fact, it’s the friendliest street my family has ever lived on…

… Whether a neighbor is black or white seems to be of no consequence whatsoever.

Yet there’s a dance I do when I go to the Wawa on Germantown Avenue. I find myself being overly polite. Each time I hold the door a little too long for a person of color, I laugh at myself, both for being so self-consciously courteous and for knowing that I’m measuring the thank-you’s. A friend who walks to his car parked on Front Street downtown early each morning has a similar running joke with himself. As he walks, my friend says hello and makes eye contact with whoever crosses his path. If the person is white, he’s bestowing a tiny bump of friendliness. If the person is black, it’s friendliness and a bit more: He’s doing something positive for race relations….”


Been there, lived that:

Shortly after the November 2008 elections I was shopping at the neighborhood supermarket.  This particular market plays music overhead which I love.   I always find myself humming or singing along with the music.

Well this one morning, a forty-something Caucasian female noticing my good mood approached me in the frozen food aisle.  Walking up to me and smiling the woman said, “We finally have our first Black president. I voted for Obama too” said the woman as she did a two-step.  “I am so happy.”


white guilt Obama 2008


Totally caught off guard, I turned to the woman and responded, “Is that a fact?”  Laughing and winking as if only she and I were the only two people in the market who were in on the joke, the woman responded “Yep.  I sure did” and walked away doing her little two-step as if she were on cloud nine.

Talk about a buzz kill.  Eight more aisles to go, no more singing for me.  Looking at the woman whose jacket was open, I immediately noticed her SEIU t-shirt and thought to myself, “freaking Communist too stupid to recognize that she is a closet racist.”  That and the profanities being uttered under my breath, you cannot imagine.


Excerpt #2:

“…our public discourse ignores the fact that race—particularly in a place like Philadelphia—is also an issue for white people. Though white people never talk about it….”


Yet many Black people, race baiters, so-called Black leaders, i.e., overseers of the Black community will not shut up about it.

While the “public discourse” of which Huber refers extends far beyond the borders of Philadelphia, the subject is a third rail topic.  So much so that I know of very few Caucasians with whom I can have an honest discussion on the subject of race and for some, respectfully agree to disagree with other than my friends and acquaintances in the blogosphere.  Away from the blogosphere, there are less than three with whom I can honestly engage.

What a shock it must have been for the author of this article whom I understand is a liberal to eventually realize months after an Obama victory in 2008 that the landscape has become more volatile than it was pre-Obama.


Excerpt #3:

“…In 1950, Philadelphia was a predominantly white city, with blacks comprising about 20 percent of the population. A decade later, that number had risen closer to 30 percent, and four years after that—in the summer of 1964—racial unrest flared in North Philadelphia, largely over brutality against blacks by white cops. Hundreds were injured or arrested, and more than 200 stores in North Philly were damaged or destroyed in three days of rioting, with many never reopening. White flight only accelerated in the next decade, and today blacks make up 44 percent of the city’s population, and non-Hispanic whites 37 percent….

…But this is how I see it: We need to bridge the conversational divide so that there are no longer two private dialogues in Philadelphia—white people talking to other whites, and black people to blacks—but a city in which it is okay to speak openly about race….”


Why So Apologetic and APPEASING?

Progressives have done one heck of a job indoctrinating white America, black America, Latino America, you name it; and Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter will be damned if America wakes up on his watch.

For this reason, Nutter, Progressives, MSNBC and the rest of Obama’s media hand puppets race baiters are running a guilt trip on Huber (who has already suffers from an overwhelmingly sense of white guilt) and anyone else in white America who would read this article and think to themselves, “I can relate.”

When does enough become enough?  

Just because Philadelphia’s Mayor Nutter ordains it to be so do not make it racist and the article by one who for a moment dared to step out of his box is not offensive.  What I do find offensive is Nutter’s Communist tribunal Human Relations Commission Communist tribunal and the Progressive agenda that attempts to make it the law of the land that white people are not free to discuss race because they are all racists.

Translation:  White people are racists and everyone else is not racists but instead victims of racism by white people.

A pox upon their houses.

I present to you the following example:

Two men are shopping in Walmart for CD’s.  The white male says to the black male checking out the Lil Wayne CD, “Hey, I own a CD by Lil Wayne.”  The indoctrination is so-o-o-o deep that the Black male automatically without thought assumes that the white male is not only trying to appease him, but is racist.

Now let us reverse the coin – The white male is checking out a Maroon 5 CD and the black male notices says to the white male, “Hey, I have several CDs by  Maroon 5.”  The race card would never enter the white male’s mind.

Blacks, Latinos, Chinese, etc. can freely discuss race (usually amongst themselves) to the point of throwing it in the face of Caucasians and be as vocal or nasty as they like but Caucasians cannot engage in said discussion other than to feel guilty?



white guilt


Besides playing the victim and using the race card, Black America including Mayor Nutter is extremely proficient at running guilt trips on white liberals.  So you can rest assured that by the time this blows over, Huber and the Philadelphia Magazine will pay a hefty sum for stepping out of the box in an desperate attempt mollify Progressives Blacks who have come out in force to tell them just how racist they are.  It’s all part of the illusion.

Memories of a Philadelphia long ago.

I recall as a child visiting my grandfather during summer recess in the town they call Philly.  The apartment located where my grandfather lived was small and located on the top floor of what they call a row house.

The apartment had no fire escape just a folded ladder attached to the inside of the window sill made of metal or steel.  I would look at that ladder and pray that there would never be a call to use that thing because I was afraid of heights.

Then there was the butcher two doors down, a large market five blocks down across the rail tracks which was covered in dirt and the huge Baptist church across the street that rang the church bells every hour on the hour.

It occurred to me that we never saw Black people except on Sundays when attending church or when my mother took us to the other side of Philadelphia to visit friends.

I remember the trolleys, the man who used to come by on his truck to sharpen knives and scissors and the man who delivered ice to us every morning buy my favorite memory of Philadelphia was peering out of my grandfather’s front window every morning, i.e., the window that faced Philadelphia’s City Hall.


city hall tower and clock william penn


I would stare for hours at the clock and the statue on top of the building, i.e., the statue of William Penn while asking my mother to tell me once more about the Liberty Bell.

I would look down at the cobbled streets and imagine the sounds of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, etc. walking those streets.

I enjoyed walking those streets for the same reason.  The Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence all here in Philadelphia.  I thought Philadelphia was the greatest city in the world.

Then one day, my grandfather suddenly moved from Philly and I never knew why until four decades years later when I traveled on a cold January day from Milwaukee by bus to Philadelphia’s 30th Street station. (Another post for another day.)

I recall the eyesore as we road into Philadelphia and how it shook me to the core.  How could a city that played such a role in the making of our country and its history be allowed to fall so far into disrepair????

Did a city that played such a role in the creation of this nation not deserve better? Nutter and his fellow Progressives be damned because today’s Philadelphia breaks my heart.


I moved to my present neighborhood in 1979 at which time there was only a hand full of Black families here, all working Americans.  I can’t say that it was a friendly neighborhood but it was home.

Every spring, made me aware of the changes that had taken place in the neighborhood as those with cultural backgrounds and values far different from my own and those of my neighbors were being steered to this side of Brooklyn.

It became evident that during the winter months, long time residents were moving away. One might refer to it as white flight but that would be unfair and less than honest because while some moved away, others remained behind.  In addition, Black Americans have also fled New York in large numbers these past decades and they continue to do so.

As Progressives gained a stronghold on the City, neighborhoods throughout the City was being redistricted and the boundaries moved every other year enabling greedy politicians to become further  empowered politically thus creating opportunities of corruption for their self-enrichment.

Do you know that between 1979 and today I moved from Mill Basin to Amersfort to Flatbush to East Flatbush back to Flatbush and then to Flatlands without lifting a finger?  In spite of the fact that this area is as far south to Flatbush and East Flatbush as one possibly can get.

Like the people on Church Avenue who rioted last week and some of those mentioned in the Philadelphia Magazine article, “White in Philly,”  I fear that many being steered into the community are not only lacking in values and work ethics but the bottom of the lot.


White Black Divided


Shhhh! Progressives perpetuating divide in America, racially and culturally.

I have personally experienced the disdain that immigrants, legal and other illegal harbor for the United States, a nation that has permitted them to cross the borders (legally and illegally) while at the same time availing to them opportunities that they would be denied elsewhere.

While watching Fox Business earlier this week, someone was asked why do the Greeks hate Americans.  The response was that the Greeks have our government and not the people.

While I cannot speak to the Greeks dislike of the United States, I can speak to the disdain by many in my community from the Caribbean, Africa, Islamic nations who hate us having at one time or another come face to face with such disdain.  Thus, I can honestly say that this disdain for the United States is for all things American.

Hispanics refer to white Americans as “gringos” and people from the Caribbean and surrounding countries refer to us as “Yankees.”

Having overheard conversations where either I or other Americans were referred as a “Yankee,” I decided one day to address the phrase in a discussion with co-workers during lunch and you can bet that my suspicions were confirmed by how fast the table and surrounding tables emptied out.

Those who without consideration to my feelings refer to Americans as “Yankees” were offended by my using the term so much so that once a co-worker from Panama pulled me aside and informed me that while it was okay for them to call me a “Yankee”, it was not suitable for me to call them out on their name calling.

White Americans are not supposed to discuss race in American and Black Americans are not supposed to discuss the cultural differences between themselves and Blacks from other nations.

Being “White in Philly” (and out) is not much different than being “a proud American in Flatbush” but we, horrible Americans, are not supposed to talk about it.

My point is this.  The conversation on race is long overdue, not just in Philadelphia and not just in New York but across America and while it is a discussion in which there will always be different viewpoints, the discussion on race is necessary.

I say dispel the Progressive myths and let’s stop being so skittish. Have the very discussion that Progressives would rather we not, and if they don’t like it, a pox upon their houses.

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  • bobmontgomery

    As I tried to get at here – – people saying “I was wrong” is a good conversation starter. Unfortunately, entire empires have been built ,fiefdoms created, institutions instituted, based on the lies and faulty logic and misconstructions of the last 45 years.

  • grumpy

    Bob you forgot the liberal left coast and upper Midwest establishment- but I got the idea-

    Puma – Several of my cousins told me recently my grandfather was half Indian, they had all the proof and I should join the tribe..

    Funny, I’m the oldest of the his grandchildren.. He never mentioned it to me,, I don’t recall my father, my aunt or any of my uncles mentioning it..

    My father told me he was a My Country- Right or Wrong American.. That was the only hyphen I knew of that could be attached to his name. And from my conversations with him- I know that to be true. He served in the Navy during WWI and went back to sea in the Merchant Marine as a ships officer in WW11.. Figure if it was good enough for him— there’s no reason for me to act like Elizabeth Warren

  • Indeed Bob which is why the left is doing everything humanly possible to ensure that these much needed discussions never occur. It would be the equivalent to opening cans of worms.

  • bobmontgomery

    There are so many areas, so many topics that could be discussed. One is “black minister guilt.” Especially those ministers who got the “Rev.” tag out of the mail-order catalog and made it their life’s work to foster the lies and suspicions and divisions, and to either sit idly by or even encourage the “Black Power” cults that evolved into the gangster cultures that were and are a disgrace to the civil rights movement, culminating in thugs standing outside a polling place with a billy club in Philly on Nov. 5, 2008 and the absolutely despicable irony of that apparently lost on everyone from the NAACP to the white liberal East Coast establishment.

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