A Bear’s Rant

A Bear’s Rant

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Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ. I know this because I read it online this past week.

Actually, I’m a bit confused because originally, it was only that the actor in the Tv series The Bible who plays Satan, sort of look likes President Obama. But since that first got posted, it has been updated and verified by a significant number of people online that they are one in the same and Barack Obama not only plays the devil in the Tv series, he is the Anti-Christ.

Apparently, the Anti-Christ dabbles in politics and acting when he isn’t laying souls to waste.

I learn a great deal online which I never learned in school or all the books I’ve read.  I’ve learned that Jesus was white and looked like one of the Bee Gees, polar bears will turn brown if the polar ice caps melt (which is a major improvement over earlier assertions that they would die off) and how to use pee in our gard
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