Glen Beck’s Investigated Obama’s Education Scam – He’s not happy

Glen Beck’s Investigated Obama’s Education Scam – He’s not happy

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I started learning about this two years ago from Sandra in Brevard– at first I was a little incredulous, this kind of crap can’t happen here..


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The only American tradition Education Reform doesn’t poison is Mom’s Apple pie– that comes frozen from the grocery store in most homes these days anyway.  If it doesn’t poison the pie, the plan does recommend getting the kids away from mom and into pre-kindergarten before too much of mom’s harmful influence rubs off on the child.

I don’t know if getting the kids away from Mom’s harmful influence is actually spelled out in the operation plan, but that is the goal.  You can find almost every detail of common core in articles like The Forty Five Commmunist Goals to Destroy America and the writing and teaching of Obama’s friend the terrorist professor of education  Bill Ayer’s and his communist buddy, professor of education Mike Klonsky-  Klonsky’s the guy Ayers’ and Obama funneled millions of dollars towards when they were running the Foundations hustles in Chicago together.  No shock the three had offices on the same floor of the same Chicago Office Building..    I’ve wonder several times what a close investigation of that arrangement would reveal.. It’s worth noting that Klonsky was Obama’s education blogger back in 2008, until someone recognized the name.. and remembered his history..

Anyway, getting back on track..  Over the last couple months Glenn Beck and Michele Malkin started looking into Common Core, Race To The Top and Texas’s CSCOPE..   They’ve looked at what’s in the programs an the people behind them..  Beck has made the connection to Bill Ayers,

He’re a look at what Beck has come up with so far..  It’s a long video. but the people behind CSCOPE, Race To The Top and Common Core are working hard to destroy your child’s belief in America and our way of life …  You owe it to your children and in some cases your grandchildren to watch..



Getting the nations children out of the public school system is going to be tough..   Jeb Bush’s Charter Schools and Parent Trigger Legislation is no help either.  He’s helping Obama sell the scheme



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  1. Michelle Malkin’s series “Rotten to the Core” is excellent and I urge everyone to read it.

    Another good online source of info regarding Common Core can be found at
    InvisibleSerfsCollar (dot) com

    And last, while not specific to Common Core, this link-rich “uberpost” from The Smallest Minority blog
    skewers modern edumacation and is a good read as well.

    1. identicon

      I know people who have been fighting Common Core since it was first made public.. 3-4 yeas ago, Having Malkin and Beck jump into the fray has helped them considerably

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