Breaking: Inspector General Report on Racialist Dysfunction inside DOJ

Breaking: Inspector General Report on Racialist Dysfunction inside DOJ

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by J. Christian AdamsThomasEPerez

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Today the Department of Justice inspector general released a report on potential Labor secretary nominee Tom Perez’s DOJ Civil Rights Division. The timing of the release to coincide with his nomination was certainly accidental, because the report paints a damning portrait of the DOJ unit he managed.

The 250-page report offers an inside glimpse of systemic racialist dysfunction inside one of the most powerful federal government agencies.

The report was prepared in response to Representative Frank Wolf’s (R-VA) outrage over the New Black Panther voter intimidation dismissal.  In response to the report, Rep. Wolf said today, the “report makes clear that the division has become a rat’s nest of unacceptable and unprofessional actions, and even outright threats against career attorneys and systemic mismanagement.”

Former Voting Section Chief Chris Coates and I both testifiedabout the hostility towards race-neutral law enforcement by the Justice Department.

Today’s report paints a disgusting portrait, confirming our accounts.

Chris Coates, in response to today’s report:


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  • bobmontgomery

    The “breaking” part of the story is that the IG issued a report. What the IG reported on has been known for a long time, going all the way back to the C.R. Commission hearings on the NBPP affair. Coates testified but remained an employee of DOJ, although banished to S. Carolina and shielded from being queried further. Adams, Kirsanow and others continued to speak out, but not only the MSM, BUT ALSO the Republican Party leadership and many, many “conservative” media venues failed to follow up.
    If our side failed to go to the mat over the issue of voting rights, voter intimidation and equal protection under the law, then it is trifling, and has been ever since NBPP-Philadelphia, to speculate on whether the R’s would cave on fiscal or regulatory matters coming out of this administration. In fact, to hear R’s whine about how they didn’t get credit for pushing CR in the 60’s when there are cases like Noxubee, or Kinston,NC, or most certainly Philly, makes their protests a little bit hollow. What have you done for the country LATELY?
    The country could have been spared a lot of grief if Congress had pursued Holder from the getgo. That he was ever confirmed is a travesty. Brian Terry and a whole bunch of Mexicans might still be alive today if ……..

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