Banning the G-Word in the Land of the Free

Banning the G-Word in the Land of the Free

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By   Independent Sentinel

People might not know what I mean when I say the G-Word has been banned – it could mean “God” or “gun.” For the purposes of this post, I mean “gun.”

The mere mention of the word is now supposed to strike terror in the hearts of Americans.

Legislators are telling women to use pens or whistles to defend themselves – anything but a gun!

All the forces are at work in demonizing guns because people are afraid of them and because they often blame the weapon for the crime and the criminal.

Some people don’t understand that there is real evil in the world that cannot be explained by psychiatry or cured with proper instruction as one Democratic strategist would like to believe.

The gun issue is a loser for Democrats frankly because plenty of liberals like guns. The Second Amendment is not a left-right issue. Democrats hunt, target practice and want to defend themselves. The Democrats will lose on this…


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Banning the G-Word in the Land of the Free


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